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Thank you for your interest in joining the LPGS team. We are a high achieving non-selective girls’ comprehensive school in South London (Beckenham) that has a mixed Sixth Form.  We are very ambitious for all our students who achieve extremely highly. Results in the last five years have put us at the top of Bromley non-selective schools, and in 2019 we achieved an ALPS 2 and an estimated P8 score of 0.81. 
Students and staff enjoy positive relationships and student conduct is almost without exception, exemplary.  Staff enjoy many benefits including:

  • Flexible working practice

  • Personalised CPD

  • Children of staff have have priority for a place at this high achieving and very over-subscribed school*

  • 2 week October half-term

*staff who have been employed for two years or work in posts with a demonstrable skills shortage

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Why work at LPGS - What staff say

I enjoy working at LPGS because the students genuinely want to learn. I’ve never worked in a school where the students are so well prepared for their lessons. The students honestly want to do well, and as such try really hard with both class and homework. Instead of expending energy on creating lessons to ensure students stay still or engage, I have been able to develop my practice to look at ways of extending learning and bringing creativity to lessons.

I enjoy working at LPGS because there is a great collegiate spirit.

The students are the heart of any school and never more so than at LPGS. Langley students are polite, diligent and inquisitive about their education, life and the wider world.

I enjoy working at LPGS because the students are amazing. Almost all students are motivated and are eager to do well. This means as teachers we can deliver lessons with confidence, being both encouraged and supported in taking risks and trying out new ideas in the classroom. The staff are friendly and the school has an excellent support team that provide both staff and students with the resources to succeed in a positive caring environment.

I enjoy working at LPGS because our students are engaged, inquisitive and hard working. They treat teachers with respect and are friendly and compassionate.

I enjoy working at LPGS because teaching staff support each other and have a great working relationship. as teachers we are given the opportunity and support to try new things.

Students are highly motivated and show enthusiasm for learning in every lesson. Students are prepared to take risks in their learning and have great resilience. Learning from mistakes is a given and responding to teacher feedback whether orally or written is a habit.

School facilities are well maintained and resourced to support staff. Teachers are welcoming and supportive of one another, an air of happiness permeates the corridors.

Teachers are encouraged to develop professionally, with many opportunities on offer such as a teaching and learning breakfast, and working parties.

I enjoy working at LPGS mainly due to the good behaviour of the students and their interest in learning languages. But I also like the relationships that we establish with the students here; the girls are lovely and polite.

On the other hand, I love to work with my colleagues. There is a great atmosphere at the MFL department and I must say that Ms Artini is the best Head of Spanish that I have ever had. It is a pleasure to work with her. I also have a good relationship with the rest of the colleagues, to be honest. Teachers here are very helpful.

The students are the best advert for the school. Yes, this is often true in a broad range of different school environments – but here’s specifically why at LPGS: Candidates coming from other schools will find pupils who are genuinely keen to learn and willing to work hard, for their own personal interest and fascination for a range of subjects, and for their futures. LPGS students are aware of, and appreciate, that they are in the happy position of being afforded an educational environment in which genuine and deep learning can take place.

Also, my view, and experience, is that prospective candidates are going to arrive into a department with really knowledgeable, supportive, friendly people in it!

I love working at LPGS because the students are kind, considerate, focused and very hard working. The students make you smile when you think you’re having a tough day and are always willing to help others. For me the students make the teaching a total joy. They take pride in their work and are genuinely interested in your subject, which means you actually get to teach and engage with the subject area that you are passionate about.

I enjoy working here because the students are a genuine pleasure to teach; they want to do well and they have a real interest in improving their knowledge. The students will question things they don’t agree with, and they aren’t afraid to speak their minds. The behaviour is, on the whole, excellent yet many of the girls still bring big personalities to the classroom, there’s never a dull moment or lesson!


How we support career development

Collaboration across The IMPACT MULTI ACADEMY Trust 

The Trust is committed to greater collaboration across our individual schools and it encourages teachers across all schools to meet and share ideas and good practice. Impact also produces a termly newsletter focussing on teaching and learning, giving staff the opportunity to share best practice, reflect upon and develop our pedagogy and celebrate the learning that is happening throughout out Impact schools.

You can view the latest copies of our newsletter on the downloads section below.


Fully Funded Level 2 Qualifications

We facilitate training for a range of Level 2 Qualifications, there are 32 courses available for staff or parents of the school to complete including:

  • Understanding Autism
  • Principles of Team Leading Understanding Behaviour that challenges
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Business Administration


Regular in house professional development

As well as external courses and whole school initiatives we offer a range of opportunities for staff to deliver or attend development sessions on topics of their choosing. Recent sessions have been run on:

  • British Sign Language - including the opportunity to take Level 1 exams
  • Using Excel effectively
  • Being an effective line manager
  • Feedback for impact AFL and effective questioning

These are in addition to weekly breakfast presentations in the staff room where staff share inspiring stories, strategies and techniques to kick start everybody's Friday morning.

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