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Times of the School Day

We operate a two week timetable throughout the year: Week A and Week B

Registration and Tutor Time 8:30 9:00
Period 1 9:00 9:50
Period 2 9:50 10:40
BREAK 10:40 11:00
Period  3 11:00 11:50
Period 4 11:50 12:40
LUNCH 12:40 1:20
Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) 1:20 1:30
Period 5 1:30 2:20
Period 6 2:20 3:10


Drop Everything and Read: 10 minutes every day with their teacher. Students should have their chosen book with them every day.

Research and common sense tells us that literacy, vocabulary in particular, is one of the most influential factors in student success. Developing a habit of reading for pleasure is crucial to this. It is also a way of providing ‘an escape from the everyday’ an important strategy for promoting positive mental wellbeing.



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