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We are a school with high expectations and this is reflected in our uniform policy. Students are proud of their school and understand that, in wearing their uniform, they are ambassadors for their school community.

We ask that parents/carers support us by exercising careful judgement in matters of uniform and that you check any potential purchases which might prove to be controversial with us before you make them. We always inform parents/carers in writing of any changes, actual or proposed, to our uniform.  Our next pre-loved uniform sale will take place on Tuesday 25th April. 

Correct uniform is to be worn at all times, including the journey to and from school. 

Uniform for Years 7 - 11


Navy check knife-pleat skirt*

No shorter than knee-length, no longer than mid-calf

regulation school navy trousers*

With school crest 

Badged and piped school blazer* 

This is worn during the day by Years 7, 8 and 9.  

Regulation school blouse

Regulation school blouse, white cotton open neck with lapels, either long or short sleeved.
This must be an open-necked blouse not designed to be buttoned at the neck.

Navy V-necked jumper with trim*

If a blazer is worn the jumper is optional

LPGS cardigan with trim*

For Year 10 and 11 students only

Plain navy or black outdoor fabric coat or jacket

Logos, hoodies, denim, leather, suede PVC and “fur” coats/jackets are not allowed.  If you are unsure of suitability, please contact school before purchasing.  

Plain navy tights, navy knee-length or navy short socks

No bows permitted on socks.

Totally plain black school shoes without heels

No canvas, trainer or 'boot' style shoes are allowed.

No obvious brand names or logos are permitted. However, Kickers shoes with ankle support are allowed due to the sturdy nature and support.

Plain navy/black scarf (optional)

*   Available only from the school’s suppliers

School Bag

All students in Years 7 - 11 are required to use a durable rucksack of any colour. This is to provide good back health and reduce corridor congestion. There will be no 'school issue' rucksack but we ask that it is practical, sturdy and a non-designer brand.

Jewellery and Make-up/Hair

The only items of jewellery permitted are a watch and a small pair of plain stud earrings for pierced ears, worn one in each lobe. No other facial piercings are permitted. Jewellery and make-up are not allowed. Students who are incorrectly attired may be required to wear some of our uniform stock and asked to remove make-up, nails/varnish and jewellery. Jewellery will be confiscated.

Unnatural hair colours and any form of artificial nails or nail colours are not permitted. For safety reasons, nails should be no longer than finger tips. Students who arrive in school with nail varnish, false nails and nails longer than finger tips will be asked to remove them and given the equipment to do so (nail varnish remover, clippers, nail file etc).  Should students be unable to remove/cut the nails they will be withdrawn from lessons.  

Hair bands should be discreet – preferably black or navy.

Apple watches or similar 'smart' watches are not allowed. 

Failure to adhere to the school dress code, both on and off site, will lead to a consequence in line with our Behaviour for Learning policy.  Persistent failure to adhere to the school dress code is persistent failure to meet the school behaviour policy and sanctions.

Water Bottle

We strongly discourage the use of disposable plastic. There are water fountains located at various points around the school site and we encourage the use of reusable water bottles. 

Uniform Suppliers

The school’s suppliers are Bromley Schoolwear in Bromley, 121 Uniforms online and Grahame Gardner Ltd (PE kit).

They will be happy to deal with any queries. They have asked us to strongly advise you to make contact, as quickly as possible if you feel your child may require a non-standard size item of uniform.

Bromley Schoolwear, Bromley - 020 8460 0032

Bromley Schoolwear

Ollequip Trading - 121uniforms

121 Uniforms

Physical Education Kit

Please see this page for details of the PE kit

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