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LPGS Careers Academy

Our innovative "LPGS Careers Academy" provides students throughout the school with effective careers advice, guidance and education. The Careers Academy is part of a determined effort to help students achieve their ambitions.

The breadth of advice and training offered by the LPGS Careers Academy is a first in the borough by a state school.

The LPGS Careers Academy has developed a programme of activity designed to meet the needs of students across all age ranges, starting with students in Year 7 all the way through to those in the Sixth Form.
The programme is being delivered by Mrs Hayden and Ms Day, our on site Careers Team.  They can be can be contacted by e-mail: hha@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk or wda@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk or 'phone 020 8639 5100.

The programme includes:

  • Helping younger students be realistic in understanding the ies that different jobs attract and the impact that has on renting or owning property, living costs and entertainment.
  • Discussing career ambitions that students have and how that might influence their academic choices at GCSE, A-Level and degree level.
  • One-on-one careers discussions and planning with students.
  • Having former LPGS students and alumni talk to current students about their jobs, how they achieved their ambitions, and what that means in terms of working hours and commitment.
  • Visits and guided tours to a range of different workplaces to help students understand the range of options open to them.
  • Helping students understand the specific skills and experience needed to enter certain professions such as medicine, law, accounting and working in the City.
  • Training and workshops designed to sharpen how students prepare and present themselves at both university and job interviews.
  • Drop-in careers ‘clinics’ for students.
  • Work experience programme for Year 10 and 12, details available on Firefly. 
  • An annual Careers Fair at the school for students in Year 10 and above.
  • Having a Careers Adviser present at Parents' Evenings to help discuss and advise on options. 

LPGS CareersThe LPGS Careers Academy is there to open the eyes of students to the wealth of opportunities that are out there and equip them to compete more effectively for those jobs.

We want our students to be ambitious for themselves and for what they can achieve. The first step is showing them the range of possibilities that are open to them and then encouraging and helping them to achieve their ambitions. We are not aware of any other state school in the borough offering such a broad programme.

We have a very strong set of results at GCSE and A-Level and we want that to translate through into good opportunities for our students when it comes to careers. The LPGS Careers Academy is there to help us achieve that.


We are providing a mixture of independent careers advice alongside raising awareness of options and helping students plan for the future. We want our students to do the very best they can – being prepared and making sure that they plan for their working future is central to that. Bringing in former students to talk about their experiences and what they have had to do in order to succeed as well as visits and other guest speakers brings it all to life.

10X winners pic

Young enterprise 10X Challenge national title winners

Doctor mentor pic

Year 12 Medical Mentor Session with a Histopathologist

Our Careers and Provider Access policies can be found in the Teaching & Learning section here.


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