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Staff, Tutors and Houses

Tutorial Staff

The Head of Year has the main responsibility for overseeing your child’s education and wellbeing. They will welcome contact with you. On routine matters your first point of contact, either by telephone or email, is your child’s Form Tutor. We recognise that in a busy school the Tutor may not be immediately available, in which case please establish with the School Reception when they will be free.

Please remember that tutors/teachers will not be available during tutor/lesson times and when undertaking break and lunch duties, therefore email is the best way to contact them.

Senior Staff

Senior staff are willing to talk to parents/carers by appointment, please refer to the key contacts page for their details.

Form Tutors

The form unit remains constant throughout the first five years regardless of teaching class and option groupings in Years 10 and 11. Your child’s Tutor meets their Form Group on a daily basis and this time is spent reading, discussing current events and other topical activities. Through this regular contact the tutor becomes the person who knows your child the most thoroughly.

Please make a note of your child’s Form Tutor and Form Group.


The House system and their Latin names (Gamma, Kappa, Lambda, and Sigma) can be traced back to our foundation in 1914. We live in a new age and an exciting new world. It is with this in mind, that we are unpicking all that is good about the existing house system and in active collaboration with all our stakeholders, giving it a new lease of life for the 21st Century so that it embodies the values of LPGS today.

We are extremely proud of our students' academic, creative, sporting and social action achievements. The House system is a way to further embed and celebrate the outstanding work we already do together while seeking out new & exciting opportunities. 

In many parts of the world, only the most privileged children can gain an education. Without an education any person's life chances and choices are significantly diminished. The impact of not having access to education impacts upon girls most. Educating girls has a positive impact on the whole community. For this reason, each House is sponsoring the education of disadvantaged young girls from across the globe through children’s charity, Plan International UK.

During the year there are inter-House competitions and festivals, social action drives and wellbeing activities. There are weekly tariffs of positive points students have been awarded. In the modern world, technology is the key to effective communication and publicity, so everything we do will be posted on our social media accounts.

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