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KS4 Results - 24th August 2023

We are delighted to share the headlines of our KS4 results in Summer 2023.  The results have remained very positive despite the publicised turbulence regarding re-setting grade boundaries to pre-pandemic levels.   


Our 240 Year 11 students sat almost 1900 qualifications and 79% of the grades awarded were Grades 5 to 9 and 38% were Grades 7 to 9 with 21% earning the very top grades of Grade 8 and 9.  

We are celebrating 85% of our students achieving those ‘golden tickets’ of GCSE 4+ in both English and Maths.  


15 students achieved a clean sweep of grades 7-9 in all their subjects:  

Elsie L, Ida B, Ella F, Francesca D, Emma L, Leo S, Katie-Linh K, Carla F, Stella S, Yasmin W, Hannah-Christina G, Rhiannon S, Sara S and Zuzanna C. 

We would also like to celebrate the achievements of the following students who made outstanding progress over the duration of Key stage 3 and 4:  Ella N, Selihom Y, Isla S, Esme B, Niamh A, Ela K, Claire M, Amelia R, Iman A, Sadie W, Annabel A, Emma L, Amelia O, Hannah G, Nancy P, Jade W, Elise W, Hannah S, Kelly G, Nicole B, Tamzin Y and Una M. 


There is lots to celebrate across the full curriculum.  A few highlights below although we’ll share more detailed data in the Autumn term. 

There was a consistently high performance in core subjects:  86% of our students achieved a Grade 5-9 in English, 86% achieved a Grade 4-9 in Maths and 84% achieved a Grade 4-9 in two Sciences. 

Other STEM successes included 37% of students achieving grades 7-9 in Psychology, 33% in Computer Science and 44% achieving the same in Food Technology. 

Two other subjects introduced at KS4 are Business Studies and Sociology and both received similarly strong outcomes: 74-86% of students achieving a Grade 5-9. 

In Humanities, all subjects had over 75% achieve a Grade 5-9 with 59% and 64% of Historians and Religious Studies students achieving grades 7-9.   

This high performance was replicated across our Art Faculty also where 30% of grades awarded in GCSE Art and Textiles were grade 7-9 and 54% doing the same in Photography. 

We’re also proud to be a school in which 77% of our cohort achieved a grade 4-9 in MFL subjects. 

It’s no secret that the Performing Arts are a central part of Langley Girls and therefore it’s wonderful to see an average of 44% of students in that faculty (Drama, Dance and Music) achieve grades 7-9. 

Equally, our Health Faculty saw strong results in Health and Social and PE with 44-50% of students achieving the top three grades. 

We will provide more detailed information about Langley Park School for Girl’s KS4 data as the national data becomes available but the progress within the following subjects is particularly strong:  Biology, History, Drama, PE, Photography and Religious Studies.  

Headteacher Helen Ralston said, “There is such a lot to celebrate in our KS4 results this summer, from individually stellar performances to seeing the consistently strong results across the full variety of subjects.  As ever, these results come from the hard work of students, staff and is underpinned by the support of our families. A sincere thank you to all.”  

KS5 RESULTS 2023 - 17th August 2023

We are incredibly proud of our Year 13 cohort: our largest yet, who demonstrated remarkable character and determination sitting their first formal exams after their Year 11 exam series was disrupted in 2021.  

21% of all grades achieved were A*- A and 52% were A*- B grades. 

Student Success 

So many of our students achieved an impressive set of examination results, however the following all achieved a clean sweep of A*- A grades (or Distinction/Distinction*): 

Amara A; Isha A; Aicha B; Kimmy B; April C; Sunny C; Ellen D; Lily H; Aishwarya K; Isabel M; Clay P; Ela S; Scarlett S, Ivy S; Scott W; Oliwia W; Sophie W.  

A special mention goes to the students who have achieved A*A*A* in three subjects: 

Abigail M studying Biology, English Literature and German  

Bridget B studying Chemistry, Further Maths and Physics 

A further mention goes to our eight Year 13 students who came straight from the airport to collect their results! They have spent the last month volunteering in Cambodia for Camps International. They’ve done brilliantly securing destinations including Laines Theatre Arts and Southampton.  

Subject success 

Dance, Further Maths, German, Music and Turkish all achieved 100% A*- B grades.     

Business CTEC L3 Diploma, German, Health and Social Care, Geography, History, Photography, Spanish, Law, Business Studies, French, English Literature, PE, Maths and Religious Studies all achieved 80% A*- C grades. 

Our blended offer at Sixth Form allows our students to do 3 A-levels or combine them with 1 or 2 vocational qualifications. As such, we’re delighted that our vocational courses have enjoyed their best ever results with our highest average point score. Of note, 18 students achieving either double or triple Distinction/Distinction* grades. 


We are enormously proud of Aishwarya K and Ivy S who will have secured their places at Cambridge and Oxford respectively.  

For those who have opted to undertake the Apprenticeship route, confirmations are starting to come in including positions with finance, business and media firms.  

We look forward to further confirmations in the coming weeks. 

Headteacher Helen Ralston said, "Results day is always an emotional rollercoaster and it was a pleasure to see so many students simply delighted with securing their next steps and proud families looking on. As always, these successes are the result of a huge amount of hard work from students and staff. To witness these relationships and energy as students received their results, celebrated or sought support, was joyful.”  

To view Langley Park School for Girls on the DfE school performance tables website, please click on the link below

DfE performance tableS


  2023 outcome 2022 outcome

2021 outcome

2020 outcome 2019 outcome
Progress 8  0.7 0.66 1.29 1.07 0.81
Progress 8 disadvantaged  .032 0.23 0.98 0.79 0.61
Progress 8 – HAPS  0.45 0.55 1.23 0.94 0.78
Progress 8 – MAPS  0.88 0.76 1.41 1.39 0.88
Progress 8 – LAPS  0.61 0.5 1.11 0.59 0.89
Basics 4+  85% 94.5% 93% 91% 87%
Basics 4+ disadvantaged  82% 81.5% 81% 89% 74%
Basics 5+  72.7% 83.6% 80% 75% 68%
Basics 5+ Disadvantaged  57.14% 62.9% 69% 67% 43%
Ebacc 5+  54% 69.3% 63% 60% 50%
A Level A*/A  20.2% 23.8% 47.4% 40.20% 21%
A Level A*-B  51.3% 53.4% 70.92% 66.80% 58%
A Level A*-C  77% 82.2% 88.81% 88.80% 83%
A Level A*-E  97% 99.5% 97.76% 99.40% 99%
ALPS T Score  8 7 1 2 2
Level 3 Value added  -0.75 -.014 0 0.58 0.24
Average attaintment 8 score per pupil 59.01        
% entering Ebacc 86.6%        


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