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Health and Social Care

‘The NHS spends £25000 per minute on treating Diabetes’ (ITV News 2016)

‘The NHS spends at least £5.1 billion a year dealing with ill health caused by overweight and obesity in England’ (Obesity Alliance)

About 1.5 million people are employed in the NHS throughout the UK. It is very likely that at some time in your life you will use the services of the NHS and will be glad they are there for you when you need them. You are the future of the Health & Social Services in the UK and you have the task of ensuring future generations feel as reassured as you do now.

A career in Health isn’t just about treating patients – without the various support services such as allied health professionals, administrative staff, IT professionals, finance and estates working together as a team the NHS would not be able to function in the way it does now.


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Key Stage 4: BTEC Tech Award 1/2 in Health and Social Care

BTEC Tech Award level 1/2 in Health & Social Care (equal to 1 GCSE)

Component 1 – Human Lifespan Development

Component 2 – Health & Social Care Services and Values

Component 3 – Health & Wellbeing

Key Stage 5: Cambridge Technicals Health and Social Care

Cambridge Technicals Level 3 – Health & Social Care (units studied over years 12 & 13)

Single award – Equal to one A level

  • Unit 1 – Building Positive relationships in Health & Social Care  (Coursework)
  • Unit 2 – Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health & Social Care (Exam)
  • Unit 3 – Health, Safety and Security in Health & Social Care (Exam)
  • Unit 4 – Anatomy & Physiology in Health & Social Care (Exam)
  • Unit 10 – Nutrition for Health (Coursework)
  • Unit 13 – Sexual Health, Reproduction and Early Development Stages (Coursework)

Double award – Equal to two A Levels (above units plus the additional units below)

  • Unit 5 - Infection Control (Coursework)
  • Unit 6 – Personalisation and a Person Centred Approach to Care (Exam)
  • Unit 7 – Safeguarding (Exam)
  • Unit 14 – The Impact of Long Term Physiological Conditions (Coursework)
  • Unit 15 – Promoting Health & Well Being (Coursework)
  • Unit 22 – Psychology for Health & Social care (Coursework)
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