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Exam Results

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GCSE Results 2020

Over the last three years our results have improved consistently.

  2020 Outcomes 2019 outcome  2018 outcome  2017 outcome 
Progress 8  1.07 0.81 0.55 0.52
Progress 8 disadvantaged  0.79 0.61 -0.16 -0.27
Progress 8 – HAPS  0.94 0.78 0.65 0.78
Progress 8 – MAPS  1.39 0.88 0.29 0.44
Progress 8 – LAPS  0.59 0.89 NA 0.48
Basics 4+  91% 87% 84% 79%
Basics 4+ disadvantaged  89% 74% 41% 63%
Basics 5+  75% 68% 69% 58%
Basics 5+ Disadvantaged  67% 43% 42% 26%
Ebacc 5+  60% 50% 55% 49%
A Level A*/A  40.20% 21% 16% 14%
A Level A*-B  66.80% 58% 38% 43%
A Level A*-C  88.80% 83% 66% 71%
A Level A*-E  99.40% 99% 96% 94%
ALPS T Score  2 2 7 6
Level 3 Value added  0.58 0.24 -0.2 -0.03
Attendance  93.90% NA NA NA
Persistent absence  12% NA NA NA
Exclusions FTE  56 35 38 65
Exclusions PEX  1 0 1 2

Headteacher Ms Katie Scott said ‘We are of course very proud of our students’ achievements. The jump in both progress and attainment is testimony to the hard work of students and their teachers. We also recognise the tremendous support that is provided by parents and carers. One of the aspects of these results of which we are most proud is the achievement of the students that are classified as ‘disadvantaged'. Estimates show that they have achieved more at LPGS than they would have been expected to, on average, by more than half a grade across 10 qualifications in 8 subjects. On the back of the strongest A-Level results released last week, we are looking forward the starting the next academic year with the knowledge that whatever a young person’s starting point, whatever their background, we know we can enable them to achieve their potential and give them the life chances and choices that they deserve.’

2018 - LPGS is in the top 11% of schools for progress 8 performance.

In 2018 we received recognition for our strong Progress 8 score and GCSE language entries. Click below to read the full letter from RT Hon Nick Gibb.

Letter from nick gibb 2018

KS4 results are now being judged using a new set of measures which you can see detailed below. statistics are shown below for August 2019


Progress 8

Indicates how well students have progressed from KS2 to KS4.







Attainment 8

Measures the achievement of a student across 8 qualifications inc mathematics, English and at least 3 further qualifications that count in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc).







English and Maths 5 - 9 

% that achieved 5 - 9 passes in Maths and English Literature or English Language



Indicates the average point score for students taking the EBacc this includes Maths, English Literature and Language, Double or Triple Science, Computer Science, History or Geography and a Modern Foreign Language. The percentage of LPGS students entering EBacc: 82.1% vs 50.9% nationally.








Indicates the number of students who continue in education or training, or move onto employment at the end of 16 to 19 study.



A-Level Results 2019

Staff and students at Langley Park School for Girls are celebrating the best A-Level results in at least four years. The excellent results see an increase not only in attainment, but also progress from their individual starting points. 20% of all grades were A*A (a 5% increase from last year) with thirteen students achieving all A*/A or Distinction*/Distinction grades. Nearly 60% were A*- B grades (a 17% increase on last year).


PALPS thermometerrogress and ALPS score

The progress students made increased by the largest margin since this became a measure and the average grade achieved across the board is now a B.

ALPS score (a measure of students’ progress nationally) is on a 9 point scale, 1 being the highest. This year our overall score is a 2. This tells us that students are achieving better than they would in most other Sixth Form schools across the country. The grade is generated by comparing our students’ performance and progress with all others at state, private, selective and non-selective schools.


Exceptional Attainment

In addition to the significant improvements and progress, individual departments have cause to celebrate as almost all see improved results (see link at bottom of page for subject breakdown). Whilst we celebrate the hard work and commitment of all our students, we particularly wish to recognise those with exceptional attainment. Amongst them, our Head Girl, Bethan who has achieved A*A*A*A* and will be taking up her offer to read Geography at the University of Oxford. Other students with exceptional performance include Mia and Ellie; A*A*AA for Biochemistry at Oxford and A*AA to study History & Politics at Cambridge respectively. Congratulations also go to Kate, who has achieved AAAA, and Anna (A*A*BB) who will both moving on to study Medicine.

Other students who we are incredibly proud of include Louisa (ABB), Florence (ABB), Fyesa (ABC), Sonaali (BBB), Mark (BBC) and Vivian (BBC) for achieving extremely well despite facing some challenging circumstances. The vast majority of those going onto higher education have received confirmation that they have been accepted into their first choice university.

Our thanks go to staff, students and their families whose combined efforts have enabled the success of the LPGS class of 2019.

Click here for a break down of results by subject

Key Stage 5 summer Results 2019

Click here for our post 16 to 18 performance table


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