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Our Philosophy

Sociology is the academic study of the ways in which individuals and groups live in contemporary society, looking at social processes, structures and social change. It is based on a critical awareness of social life, attempting to see through and look beyond the obvious and to question the ‘taken for granted’. As well as helping them to fulfil their academic potential, we aim to develop in our students a greater knowledge, awareness and understanding of the world in which they live, not only their own society and culture but also those around them in an increasingly globalised world. We also aim to develop skills to enable our students to focus on their own roles and responsibilities within society, to encourage a life-long interest in social issues and to foster the development of critical and reflective thinking with a respect for social diversity.

What we expect from our students

Sociology is a popular choice of subject in our Sixth Form and we expect all students to be punctual, well organised, to have a high level of attendance, to play an active role in lessons, to reflect on their progress and set a path for improvement, always working to the best of their ability to achieve their full potential. This of course means that all assignments must be handed in on time. There is no course work assessment in this subject and so it is vital that they have as much practice as possible at exam style questions whether it be for homework or in class under timed conditions. We will provide the necessary teaching, support, guidance and encouragement, but we expect our students to take responsibility for their own learning, to have enquiring minds and to demonstrate a keen interest in current affairs. Respect and consideration for each other as well as for the members of staff are essential.

Key Stage 5: A Level Sociology

Description of Course

This course provides a lively and interesting introduction to Sociology and the study of human social behaviour. Sociology provides a scientific study of society, which helps us to understand various social systems. Although we study specific topics in depth, though students are encouraged to develop their own awareness through engagement with the contemporary social world.

AS level (non-exam)

  • Education with Sociological Methods
  • Families and Households


  • Paper 1 - Education with Theory and Methods
  • Paper 2 - Beliefs in Society with Families and Households
  • Paper 3 - Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

Key sociological themes of Socialisation, Culture and Identity, Social Class, Age, Gender and Ethnicity are considered throughout the course.


Skills Required

A good standard of written English – preferably a ‘6’ GCSE at English Language - and an interest in current affairs are essential . Students should be able to discuss and analyse social issues and problems.


Entry Qualifications

  • You must meet the general school entry requirements for A-Level courses.
  • Preferably a ‘6’ GCSE at English Language


Method of Assessment

Three written examinations at the end of two years with structured and essay style questions


Contact Name Mr J Clark, Head of Sociology


Educational Progression and Career Opportunities

Sociology involves a rigorous study of a variety of sociological perspectives, and develops the ability to evaluate critically. The ability to evaluate (create an argument) is a critical skill. Sociology is accepted as an academic Advanced level and is a useful background for those wishing to study social sciences, law and the humanities in further and higher education. You could progress into social/probation work, careers in the health services, advertising, marketing and human resources, the media, the police and the legal profession

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