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Outstanding GCSE Result Success at LPGS

Posted on: August 20th - 2020

Staff, students and parents are relieved that the uncertainty surrounding the GCSE grades has been ended and that for the second successive year LPGS has produced its best ever results at both A-Level and GCSE (as we had predicted with our internal data prior to lockdown).   We are delighted that the hard work of students and staff has been rewarded.


We are particularly proud of Natasha, Megan, Eleanor and Grace who achieved 9 Grade 9s, and Erika, Macey and Rosie who achieved 8 Grade 9s.

Congratulations also to Brianna, Georgia, Gwennan, Rachel, Sade, Grace, Christel, Sophie and Sarah who all made phenomenal progress and achieved at least 3 grades more progress across all of their subjects that would have been the national expectation of them.

The centre assessed grades used all the data we had about students, as well as the considerable experience we have of what progress is made in the final months of Year 11.  We are extremely pleased that we made the decision to have two full sets of full mock examinations in Year 11 (as well of course the examination series in Year 10).  The overall results continue the trend started last year of significant progress year on year with an estimated Progress 8 score of 1.05 with over 90% of students achieving Grade 4 in both English and maths, and over 75% of students achieving Grade 5 in both.  Particularly impressive is the fact that 66% of students achieved a Grade 7 or above in English.


Whilst we are delighted with the examination results, life as an LPGS student is so much more than that and we know that Year 11 and 13 have missed out on many of the important experiences that punctuate young adulthood.  We look forward to welcoming back all students the week after next and especially our new Year 6 and Year 12 students.

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