Spanish Trip 2019

Posted on: May 15th - 2019

Before the trip I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to go because the thought of going to an unfamiliar environment and the fact that I wasn’t too confident at Spanish wasn’t too appealing! On the first night my nerves were going crazy because I was just starting to get to know the family but even after the first day I felt like my exchange partner and her family were my own family!

Spanish Trip 2019 8

The activities we did throughout the week were great. We did a wide variety like going up the Teide Volcano, whale watching on a boat, spending the day in a Spanish school and going to a water park on the weekend. I liked the responsibility we were given on the trip too. I made a lot of new friendships with both the Spanish exchanges and the LPGS students. My favourite part of the trip was the day we went to the Volcano with our exchange partners, that’s was when I knew I would miss the trip and everyone I had met.

Gabriella S Y10

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