British Science Week

Posted on: April 8th - 2019

This year’s Science week was our biggest and best ever! Here some of 7GB tell us about it…

I really enjoyed Science Week! I went every lunchtime and every day we did something different e.g on Monday we mummified an orange and on Wednesday we made tunnels. All of the activities were really fun and I wish we had Science Week more often! Maisie R

 British Science Week 2019 1

I attended Science Week activities and it was amazing as I got to see things I’d never seen before! My favourite day was looking at the microscopic creatures and learning about tardigrades. Yasmin W

I went to meet the animals on Science Week. My favourites were Jeff (the bearded dragon) and the guinea pigs who very shy so we had to be careful not to make too much noise. I also really enjoyed the day where we made bubbles as it was really interesting to see how they behaved on the tray and it was fun to try to make the massive bubbles outside. Martha E

British Science Week 2019 2.jpg 

British Science Week 2019 3.jpgAs well as lunchtime activities year 9 also had a Woman of the Future Assembly, from Josephine Sanusi, a senior technical consultant for IBM. She spoke to us about what her job involves and what it is like to be a young woman working in a STEM related career. She discussed the path that she’d taken to get where she is and showed us that it is possible for girls to achieve anything they set their minds to. I personally think that her job sounded really interesting and important and found the talk very inspirational. Zara P 9SG

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