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Ski Trip La Plagne 2014

This is what some of our Y10 students had to say about the trip.

This trip has opened my eyes to new experiences and has shown me the beauty of different parts of the world.
I have never skied before but after being here in the Alps for one week I already feel like a professional! This trip has boosted my confidence and this was helped by the support of the amazing instructors and the caterers who introduced us to many different delicious meals. Before this trip I would never have imagined that I would be able to ski down a 2800m mountain but, guess what, I did!
Being here has allowed me to see the wonderful sights including the glistening snow and white coated mountains, not only from the ski lifts but also from my balcony.
There is a wide variety of slopes meaning every day you can experience a new one and there is also a ski park with all sorts of ramps and jumps so you can challenge yourself. Every night we have been entertained with fun filled activities and given different tasks to do.
The resort and accommodation is of good quality and has a Spa supermarket on site.

At the top of the mountains there were caf├ęs which made good resting points after a great time skiing.
I have come on this trip straight after important exams so this has been very enjoyable and stress free which is really what I needed.
This has been a very memorable trip with lots of experiences shared with my friends. I have had a fantastic time and would love to come back again next year.

Although we went late in the year, we were lucky enough to experience different weather conditions; one day it would be boiling and then another it would be snowing. At night when it got dark, we could see the stars clearly in the sky which presented a spectacular view.

They were accompanied by Mrs Ward, Mrs Shelly, Mrs Tagg, Miss Jerry & Miss Walker

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