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  • National Numeracy Day Wednesday 16th May

    The National Numeracy Organisation have launched their first ever National Numeracy Day. Taking place on 16th May 2018, the day will be an annual celebration of the importance of numbers in everyday life and will bring together individuals, employers, educators and influencers to improve numeracy.  Langley Park School for Girls will be supporting the day with fun numeracy activities during tutor time and in maths lessons for our Year 7s and 8s. Watch this space!

  • LPGS Students Travelling To Malawi Need Your Help

    Students from LPGS are travelling for a once in a life time opportunity to Malawi, in the heart of Africa to take part in a month long expedition from 22nd July to 19th August. During their time they will be aiding with several projects, including renovations on local community schools which need help to rebuild, construct new libraries for books for their students and also help in other projects including improving hygiene for locals, protection of wildlife from poachers and conservation. They will also be hoping to reach the summit of Mount Mulanje during a three day mountain expediti...

  • More Lagos News

    Read the latest article featured in Lamography Magazine by clicking the image below:

  • Rivers of the World

    On Monday 26th March 2018 we began the second phase of our work on the project, Rivers of the World. Artist Shona Watt is running a two day workshop on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th March, working with a group of Year 9 students; the same students who took part in the project last year when we based our work on the painting Ophelia. This year our attention turns to the rivers in Lagos, Nigeria and our theme is looking at, 'Resourceful Rivers'. Click on the link below to find out more!

  • End of Term Magazine - Spring 2018

    It has been another busy term, check out the latest news in our End of Term Magazine.  

  • Behind The Scenes At The BBC

    On Thursday 15th March 2018 LPGS A-level Media Studies students visited the BBC to attend their annual School Report News Day. This was a great opportunity for students to experience a real television set, meet with people working in the industry and to gain a better understanding of the production process. One workshop included how to spot false information and fake news. Read Rebecca and Sonaali, Year 12 students, account. The trip to the BBC was extremely educational and informative. We had the chance to attend a workshop on fake news that opened our eyes to how deceiving the med...

  • Year 10 PSHCE Day

    The day was focused on Health and Well Being.  After detailed planning with the Form Council Reps a full day of activities was booked.  Visiting speakers from The Maudsley Hospital and Bromley Change led seminars. We also had workshops such as Self Defence, Fitness led by Emma Dowdell in Year 13 and First Aid led by Mrs Creffield as part of the British Heart Foundation Scheme to introduce CPR into schools.  Student leadership was at the forefront with our First Aid Ambassadors supporting.  Year 10 were polite, enthusiastic and really got involved. ‘On PSCHE day...

  • Trash Couture!

    Trash Couture!

    PSHCE day was really fun and enjoyable for everyone. First thing in the morning we designed the outfit in our groups. I liked the tracing idea because it meant we could create multiple designs and incorporate everyone’s ideas and also use the different elements from the mood board we made the day before. During periods 3 and 4 we made the outfits which was a lot of fun. Everyone was working together helping and making sure the outfit was the correct size. It was really interesting to see everyone make their outfits as they were all completely different. Some groups used mainly new...

  • Year 11 Langley Girls Mean Business

    Year 11 Langley Girls Mean Business

    Langley Park School for Girls hosted their supersized Careers Day, bigger and better than ever before.  37 different companies came in to talk to the 240 girls about what they do; how they do it and how students can get ahead in these competitive environments.  Amongst them ITV, Clifford Chance, Network Rail, Royal British Legion were happy to give their time to talk to the girls about work. Every student also had two mock interviews with an employer, who then gave them feedback on how they did, what they could do better and if they got the job! All the employers commented how...

  • Year 12 Law Students Visit the Old Bailey

    Year 12 Law students visited the Old Bailey in London on Tuesday 13th March. During their visit they were able to observe three trials: a murder, wounding with intent and assaults by a GP on his female patients.  Despite having to hand over all mobile phones and electronic devices for almost three hours, all 22 students were captivated by the drama unfolding in the court room. We continue to follow the trials in the news in lessons.  We regularly visit courts and enact mock trials as a way of bringing the law to life. Mrs C Murray-Smith Head of Law