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  • Garden Club Blooms

      The wildlife garden is bursting with life! Herbs planted last year have grown to an enormous size and are attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinators. The newly planted apple tree has produced its first blossom and blue tits are nesting in the boxes which we put up last year. The pond too, was full of frog, newt and toad spawn, which has now developed into young adults. Members of Science Club were happy to release froglets back into the pond after pupils had studied their lifecycle in the laboratory. We have also managed to use garden club funds to help restore t...

  • Are you feeling lucky?

    Would you like the opportunity to win £50 or more per month? Then why not join the 100 Club. It costs just £12 per year per number and this enters you into a prize draw every month. The more numbers you own, the more chances you have of winning and the bigger the prize pot is.  50% of all the money collected is paid out in prize money and the rest is donated to the PTA. In order to join for 2017 - 2018 please fill out the form here and send to the school office either by hand or by post. Good luck!   FAQS What is the 100 Club Fund? Th...

  • Summer Market 2017

    After many months of planning, this year’s Summer Market is almost upon us! In 2016 we had 40 stalls, this year we have almost 70. We have tried to make sure that we have a good mix of stalls and activities to attract all ages. In a time when schools are facing unprecedented budget cuts, the PTA are becoming a vital source of funding for the school. In this academic year alone we have funded over £16,000 worth of equipment. This has ranged from laptops, sewing machines, software, a projector and chairs amongst other things. The Summer Market will be our biggest fundr...

  • Kate Kayaks at the London Youth Games

    The London Youth Games (LYG) is the biggest annual sporting event in all of Europe and it encompasses all sports. I compete in LYG in kayak sprint event. I kayak with the Bromley Canoe Club (BCC) and have being doing so for 5 years as well as competing for 5 years in LYG. Kayak sprint is quite simply a 200m straight sprint in very long thin boats. Each year I have managed to reach the finals (sometimes after multiple re-runs of my heats.). This year I however I qualified 2nd out of 3 heats and 24 boroughs. Unfortunately, I narrowly missed out on a medal position comin...

  • Langley Election 2017

    After a week of assemblies explaining how voting works and the key policies from each party being shared with year groups, students were eager to have their say and vote in the Langley Election 2017. All major parties were listed on their ballot form and by midday all form groups had posted their votes at the 'polling station'.  Ms Sunman who organised the event, had the task of counting up the votes for each year group. After a strong win for Conservatives in the 2015 Langley Election would the same thing happen in 2017? By lunchtime the votes had been...

  • Goodbye and Good Luck to the class of 2017

    There were tears from both teachers and students on Friday 28th May as Langley officially said goodbye to Y13. For some this was the end of a 7 year journey, for others a shorter yet no less eventful time. After last years success, Miss Bush once again had rallied staff to create their own leavers video which included cameo appearances from recently departed Miss Fassam and Mr Stratton. Did they outdo the student video again this year?.....See below and decide for yourself! GOODBYE Y13!   Y13 SAY GOODBYE TO LANGLEY

  • Successful Bike Brunch

    On a sunny Wednesday 24th of May, LPGS hosted a bike brunch. The event was well received with students and staff bringing in their bikes to be serviced by Dr Bike and security marked by the Safer Neighbourhood team. The most popular attraction as always was the blender bike which allowed the girls to pedal like crazy to blend their own smoothie! Freebies including bike lights, maps and slappits were well received and many students were able to complete their level 1 bikeability. Many thanks to the Bromley Cycle team, Dr Bike, the Safer Neighbourhood team and all...

  • Faraday Challenge

    “On Thursday 11 May 6 teams and 3 schools (LPGS, LPBS and Coopers) all competed against each other in the Faraday Challenge. This year's challenge was sponsored by Land Rover BAR. We had 2 microbits, 2 computers and 80 Faraday (which is money which could help us get components to make our prototypes). The whole day involved us programming and making our presentation for the end of the day. One of our prototypes was a watch which tells you when to drink water. We did this because when people are busy racing they might forget to drink, so when it starts buzzing it tells you when to...

  • Netherlands 2017

    Over the Easter holidays 8 staff and 3 sixth form coaches gave up part of their holiday to take 63 students to Eindhoven, Netherlands to compete in a school sports hockey and netball festival. The huge group was comprised of students from years 8 -11 with Langley entering 5 netball teams and 2 hockey teams into the competition. We arrived at our Centre Parcs accommodation, after a long coach journey, and quickly settled in. The following morning was an early start and straight out to the sports venue for the morning coaching sessions. Netballers received expert coaching from county...

  • April Newsletter

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