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Ski Trip 2018

This Easter holidays 45 students and 6 staff ventured to Santa Caterina in Italy for one weeks skiing. Read our students account of the trip:

After a long 26 hour coach journey we arrived in snowy Italy! Our hotel was great, really close to the slopes and the food was good too.

On the slopes the instructors were very supportive and they made our ski lessons lots of fun. They split into groups of ability and took us down fun, adventurous slopes. There was one especially fun slope with bumps and little jumps through the woods which was very pretty. Throughout the week we could feel ourselves getting better and better at skiing and really felt proud of ourselves for this.

Every day we had lunch in a restaurant up the mountain and had a bit of time to relax, take in the amazing views and try and get rid of our goggle tan lines! In the afternoon, after a long day of skiing, we did activities such as going to a thermal spa, having a quiz night, sledging and on the last night we had a disco in the town. The thermal spa was a great place to relax our achy muscles.  Where else will you ever sit in a heated pool looking out at a World Cup ski race route? It was brilliant (even if we did have to wear a bright red swimming cap!)  

One day in the middle of the week we visited different ski slopes in Bormio. We went down more challenging slopes and skied higher up in the mountains. We also got our first experience of skiing whilst it was snowing. The snowflakes where like cotton wool falling from the sky.

On the last day we had a race against everyone else in our ability group. It was great to put everything we had learnt from the week into action but the icy conditions made a bit scary. After everyone had skied, the instructors told us our times and announced the top three racers from each group and gave us all certificates and a badge. 

Overall it was a great trip and lots of fun!

If you are interested in skiing with the school, we run trips every other year. The next trip is due to take place during Easter 2020 and places will be advertised around October 2018, so watch this space for more details.

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