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Trash Couture!

PSHCE day was really fun and enjoyable for everyone. First thing in the morning we designed the outfit in our groups. I liked the tracing idea because it meant we could create multiple designs and incorporate everyone’s ideas and also use the different elements from the mood board we made the day before.

During periods 3 and 4 we made the outfits which was a lot of fun. Everyone was working together helping and making sure the outfit was the correct size. It was really interesting to see everyone make their outfits as they were all completely different. Some groups used mainly newspaper and card, some used plastic bags and some used cans and bottles, so it was really interesting and exciting to see how everyone put their outfit together.

The 5p catwalk was really amazing because you got to see so many different designs. Overall I think everyone really enjoyed the day and not only was it a lot of fun, but we also learnt a lot about what you can do with purely recycled things and about how we should recycle. We were also able to raise awareness and money for Unicef which was great.

Marly L 8GA

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