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Behind The Scenes At The BBC

On Thursday 15th March 2018 LPGS A-level Media Studies students visited the BBC to attend their annual School Report News Day. This was a great opportunity for students to experience a real television set, meet with people working in the industry and to gain a better understanding of the production process. One workshop included how to spot false information and fake news.

Read Rebecca and Sonaali, Year 12 students, account.

The trip to the BBC was extremely educational and informative. We had the chance to attend a workshop on fake news that opened our eyes to how deceiving the media can be. It was encouraging seeing the BBC studios and having the chance to meet some of the presenters; getting the chance to ask questions about journalism and fact checking was incredibly informative.

We also had the opportunity to use some of their facilities; it gave us an insight into not only what’s presented on the foreground but what also happens behind the scenes.



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