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Winter Sports Roundup

As the winter sports season draws to an end the PE department are reflecting on a jam packed season of netball, hockey, trampolining, swimming, football, badminton and cross country events which have kept our girls active and competitive.

Since September, despite the loss of our netball facilities, the LPGS PE staff have fulfilled:

  • 68 netball fixtures across 6 years groups,
  • 3 netball tournaments at borough and county level
  • 55 hockey fixtures across 4 years groups
  • 3 hockey tournaments at county level
  • And around 8 other events in swimming, badminton, trampoline, Cross Country and football

This just goes to show how engaged and talented our girls are in the sporting arena and how the dedication of the PE staff allows them to experience such a range of competition.

We are constantly impressed by the standards of performance and engagement we see from our students. Couple this with their enthusiasm to improve and their general all round willingness to work in teams to build towards season goals, is so refreshing and a pleasure to work with. League results for netball are yet to be confirmed but we anticipate strong positions from all teams. Hockey results this season have been overwhelmingly positive with progress seen in all teams and fixtures played against new opposition, giving our girls a much broader competitive experience.

Performances worthy of particular credit:

  • U14 netball team reaching the county finals day
  • Key Stage 3 badminton team reaching Regional finals
  • Senior trampoline team qualifying for National finals
  • Individual Cross Country runners qualifying to represent Kent
  • Several netball players selected for County squads
  • Several hockey players selected for County and JDC squads

The summer term will see us face challenges regarding facilities, however plans are in place to ensure our rounders, athletics and tennis programmes are delivered as close to normal as possible. With the long term outlook on facility and sporting provision for LPGS students looking positive, the PE staff continue to be immensely proud of our girls achievements and committed to furthering this experience in the coming months and years.

Miss Bush
Head of PE

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