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British Council - Connecting Classrooms 2018

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EFJ trip to Lagos, Nigeria
Mr Fox Joyce, Head of Visual Arts at LPGS travelled to Lagos in Nigeria on Saturday 10th February to work with our partner school, Lagos Boys Junior Academy. During the trip over the half term holiday, Mr Fox Joyce worked closely with members of the Art department and other department members across the whole school. The project looks at developing teaching and learning practice in different schools around the world, with core skills in, communication, digital literacy, creative thinking and citizenship, at the heart of the programme. In addition, Mr Fox Joyce will be furthering the departments work on the Rivers of the World project and bringing back ideas and resources to help produce the next phase of artwork with his dedicated team of Year 9 students.

Follow this post, as Mr Fox Joyce will be checking in with updates on the developing project work, on a regular basis over the half term holiday week.

Friday 16th February 2018Lagos Fri
The British Council's programme Connecting Classrooms and The Core Skills, underpins the discussion and it is used as a focus for excellent teaching and learning practice, and a place where education in Nigeria wants to get to, consistently in every schools, at every level throughout the country. Both Lucy and I get a chance to present at the conference and share our experiences of the Connecting Classrooms programme, both in the UK and here in Nigeria. Check out my Friday update by clicking the image. EFJ

Thursday 15th February 2018Lagos Thurs
Unfortunately this is the last day for me at Lagos Boys Junior School on this trip but I am so looking forward to seeing how the boys have prepared for our morning photoshoot based on the work of Nigerian Photographer, George Osodi, and his wonderful portrait series on Nigerian Monarchs. All the boys have worked hard to gather and make items of clothing to dress up in and all the staff are well turned out in their matching traditional Nigerian costumes, amazing! Check out my Thursday update by clicking the image. EFJ

Wednesday 14th February 2018Lagos header Weds
Another exciting day ahead of me, today I get a chance to teach! However before we get to Lagos Boys Junior School lets deal with that traffic again! On arrival at the school I am met by the school principle, he's looking very dapper in his traditional Nigerian outfit and he tells me that a number of staff are attending a cultural event today. Mathew, the French teacher then takes me to go and observe a few classes. Again I am very impressed with the levels of commitment from all staff and students; I see excellent examples of questioning, group work, discussion etc in many different lessons. Check out my Wednesday update by clicking the image. EFJ

lagos header tues
Tuesday 13th February 2018
After a great nights sleep and a wonderful breakfast I get picked up again early morning and head off to the busy streets of Lagos. Today I will spend a whole day at Lagos Junior Boys Academy school, observing lessons and getting a chance to chat with the students and staff. Check out my Tuesday update by clicking the image. EFJ

Monday 12th February 2018Lagos spark page
Early start today, off to the British Council office nearby; straight out onto the ever so hectic Lagos streets at full speed with our guard and his friend up front again. 8am and the streets are already packed full assorted vehicles, many of which look nowhere near road fit and carry the battle scars of many a road argument! Crazy day today! Really crazy! But good crazy. Such wonderful people! Check out my Monday update by clicking the image. EFJ

Sunday 11th February 2018efj on plane
After a very comfortable six hour flight with Virgin Atlantic I finally arrived in Lagos, time difference just one hour ahead of the UK. I left London Heathrow looking out of the plane at the miserable rain only to be met here in Lagos with a full on thunderstorm and torrential down pour; it is very hot and humid. The journey into Lagos from the airport was interesting; driving lanes don't seem to exist, it's a free for all at breakneck speed!! Still I was reassured by the armed guard sitting in the front passenger seat who looked very calm and collected!! Just chilling out in my hotel today then getting picked up tomorrow, probably with my armed guard again, and then off to The British Council office for a briefing and then onto our partner school, Lagos Boys Junior High School. Till tomorrow, EFJ


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