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STEM - Autumn Term Update

Our STEM co-ordinator, Mrs McDermott has had a busy term getting a range of year groups involved with a wide variety of actvities from app design to robotics. Read on to find out more.

Year 9 Network Rail Hackathon at Langley Park School for Boys

STEM Autumn 2017 1

On the 12th October 2017, 20 students went to an event run by Hacktrain. After a short presentation we learnt that Hacktrain was an event where hackers (people who create using code) spent a weekend hacking nonstop to create a themed app or service. Without spending a weekend away, we had our own mini Hackathon, creating short minute presentations that described our ideas. We were randomly put into mixed teams with boy and girls and had 20 minutes to come up with an idea, and draw out screenshots of the app we had ‘created’. Then the eight teams presented their ideas to the judges. After some deliberation they announced two winners, one for most innovative and one for best design. We all had a great time and can’t wait for the next S.T.E.M opportunity!

Macey Pattenden & Elouise Mason in 9GB


Year 8 Robogal’s Lego Engineering Workshop at
Imperial College of London

STEM Autumn 2017 4

On the 1st November myself along with 17 other girls in Year 8, were selected to go on a robotics workshop at Imperial College of London. To me it seemed like a great experience and I wasn’t wrong. As we arrived we were greeted by one of the students who goes to the university and she took us to our classroom. We split into four groups and were given a talk what we should hope to achieve by the end of the day. The first thing we did as a group was program the robot. Then within our group we split in half, one half were building the shield for the robot and the other half were building the actual robot. As soon as we had finished the building, we downloaded the programming into the robot. We had around 10 minutes to test and change anything if there were any faults. Once everyone was ready each group’s robot battled the other groups. It was a great finish to the day. Overall I was very, very happy I was chosen for this and extremely grateful for having Ms McDermott to take us and make the day even more fun!

Aleesha Solanki 8GB


Year 8 Faraday Challenge at Langley Park School for Boys

STEM Autumn 2017 8

14 Year 8 students took part in the Faraday Challenge. This year it was about Thorpe Park. We had to design a new attraction for Thorpe Park that was fun for the whole family. One group designed a 4D cinema with free bananas. Another made a ride through history complete with sights, sounds and smells. All the groups worked well together and we got chance to present our ideas and build a small part of our idea complete with lights, motors and buzzers. We didn't win this year but we hope to get another chance again next year.

Mr Wheeldon, Assistant STEM Coordinator


Year 12 STEM Networking Careers Evening

STEM Autumn 2017 11

On 23rd November, Year 12 students that study either Maths, Science or both were invited to take part in our annual STEM Careers network evening. Students were able to speak and ask questions to 12 professional STEM ambassadors about their occupation, qualifications and any advice and tips to help them pursue a career in the field of STEM. We invited ambassadors of STEM ranging from a number of different career pathways including a consultant engineer, a project and clinical researcher, a midwife, a veterinary nurse and a Head of Advertising Technology. The students were able to ask questions to the professionals for five minutes before rotating to the next. A huge thank you to all STEM ambassadors who have been able to dedicate their valuable time to talk to our Year 12 STEM students.

Eleanor McDermott, Whole STEM Coordinator

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