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Maija makes the FAD Final

After launching in January 2017 the FAD Fashion Futures 2017 Summer School is officially complete. The original 60 students were whittled down to just 20 finalists who have completed their garments ready to be shown at London Fashion Week.

Langley Student Maija Carr made the final 20. FAD spoke to her about the experience:


Q: Tell me your stand out moment from Fashion Futures journey?

“Probably being around the amazing teachers and volunteers, their skills are so amazing and they just help so much. They’re from places like Natwest, Tom Ford and everyone is so creative I can’t wait to see everyone’s designs at the end.”

Q: Tell me your main inspirations and thoughts behind your garment

“I liked the ornamental part of the V&A and the boxes, they had beautiful patterns on them and I found a chair which had lions on it. There was a room and it was all full of mirrors and it would reflect all of the designs and it was really cool. The paintings inspired me as well, there was quite a lot of different art work on wood, metal and gold. It all inspired me.”

FAD 2017 Finals 3

Q: What has Fashion Futures made you realise?

“That pattern cutting is so difficult! When you walk past clothes in the high-street you don’t ever think anything of it but it is actually so much harder to make than you actually think, so much effort and time has been put into it. Trying to create a garment in a week is a challenge.”

Q: What have you enjoyed overall about being part of the FAD team?

“Everyone is so lovely, the kindest people you will ever meet and if you need any help they will be straight there for you. It’s so worth it, 11 Saturdays and a whole week seems like quite a lot but you’re surrounded by creativity all the time.”

Q: What is your next step after Fashion Futures?

“I think I want to apply for a foundation course, in art and design. I want to get into Central Saint Martins but I don’t know if that is going to happen because it is a really top university. This has set me up to be able to go and do that, before this I didn’t know how to get into the fashion industry. To be given the chance to show at London Fashion Week that is actually amazing.”

FAD 2017 Finals 1

Well done Maija!

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