PTA Members


Inku Patel – Treasurer

PTA new member 2018

Having been a Langley girl myself, and having served as a Treasurer at junior school for over two years, I was only happy to help the hardworking PTA by giving my time and experience in finance to raise much needed funds which benefits all the girls at the school.

I have two daughters, one at LPGS and one at a junior school.  I am passionate about making sure our girls at our school have the best that we can offer, and with budget cuts, anything that PTA can raise helps enormously.  If you have always wanted to get involved and haven't had a chance, I urge you to come along to one of our meetings and see for yourself the impact our efforts are having on the school.

Jody Longhurst – Secretary

J Longhurst

Joining this PTA was a natural progression from volunteering at my daughter’s primary school but no previous experience was required. It is also a splendid opportunity for getting to know how the school works, the staff and other parents. I am keen to see the LPGS students benefit from the social activities organised by the PTA and the funds raised from those events being used in the best possible way to enhance the students experience at LPGS.

My daughter is in Year 8 so fairly early on in her secondary school Journey (yes I said the J word) but I’m with her every step of the way and hope to encourage others to join the PTA in any capacity and become involved in any way possible. Achieving is fun within a great community.

Ajay Desai - Teacher Representative