Parents' Evening Booking System

LPGS Parents’ Evening : Guide for Booking Appointments

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Step 1: Login

Please fill out all the details on the page. You can only make one set of appointments for each student.

A confirmation of your appointments will be emailed to you in due course.

Please use your surname, the child’s “preferred” forename and surname that matches our records (no abbreviations).

Date of birth should be entered dd/mm/yyyy

Each time you login you will need to enter the same information.

Step 2

Step 2: Select Parents’ Evening

Click the green tick to select the parents’ evening you want to make appointments for.

Step 3

Step 3: Choose Teachers

Your daughter’s teachers will appear. Ensure the teachers you wish to see are selected in green. If you do not wish to see a teacher, click on their name to de-select them.

If your daughter is taught by more than one teacher for a subject, both names might appear. Please only make one appointment per subject.

If a teacher specifically wishes to see you, appointments may also be added for you.

You can select additional teachers to see by pressing the “Add a new teacher” button and in the popup, first choose the department, eg: Year Heads, SENCO and then select the teacher from the drop down box.

Click on the Continue button to proceed.

Step 4


Step 4: Book Appointments

Click ‘Book’ to make your appointment with the teacher for the time you wish. The system allows sufficient time for you to get to your next appointment.  Repeat this for all the teachers you wish to see.

After you have finished booking all your appointments, click on “click here” in the yellow box at the top of the page to send the confirmation email.






Step 5

Step 5: Finished

You will receive an email confirmation of your appointments. Please print this out
and bring with you to the parents’ evening.

Step 6

Viewing/Editing/Printing Appointments

You can also view and print your appointments online by clicking the “Appointments” tab. Please bring a print out of your appointment times to the parents’ evening.

You can change your appointments by clicking on “Add/Edit/Delete Appointments”. There is a link at the bottom of the confirmation email which logs you back into the system.

If you have any queries regarding the use of the booking system, please email the following address: