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LPGS Cloud Services

The LPGS cloud services are a range of tools allowing you to access files and software from a range of devices. As long as you have a suitable device (desktop laptop, tablet or smartphone) and an internet connection you should be able to connect to the following:


Firefly VLE

This is our VLE (Virtual learning Environment).

Firefly will give you access to:

  1. lesson resources such as notes, videos & quizzes
  2. homework tasks
  3. announcements from teachers
  4. your timetable
  5. your personal blog and much more

As teachers continue to develop their subject areas you may be given the opportunity to comment on pages and take part in forum based discussions. Don't forget to check your school e-mail regularly for page recommendations from your teachers.

click here to login to firefly


Office 365

All staff and students have an Office 365 account. This will

  • Allow you to download Office 365 onto 5 devices (including ipads and Macs)
  • Give you 1Tb of cloud storage allowing you to access files from home and school easily
  • Let you share files with other students easily

Students should use their email address (e.g and normal school password to login to their account.


click here to login to your office 365 account


Remote Desktop

Remote desktop allows you to access your school documents and a range of specialist software from home.

The software available includes:

  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Fireworks and Dreamweaver
  • 2D Design and Google Sketchup
  • Office 2013 

There are 2 ways to access the remote desktop; logging in via a web browser or setting up a direct connection between your device and the remote desktop server (recommended)

Click here to login via a browser (this will not work for Apple devices - please open Apple instructions listed below)

To connect your device to the remote server download the appropriate document from the list below and follow the instructions

windows 7windows 8windows 10apple devices


If you are having any problems with any of these services please contact

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