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Inspiring Women in Mathematics

This term a group of Year 10 students from Langley Park School for Girls were taken to a student conference accompanied by Mr Saumtally and Miss Carey. Here is an account of events written by Amirah Mohammed in 10LF.

Inspiring Women in Maths

On the 29th of September, Kiera Greenwood, Emily Kemp, Jess Golden, Mia Fallon, Izzy Prime, Chloe Quinn, Riya Naik and I went on a school Mathematics excursion to Imperial College, London. After taking a short trip by train and tube, we got to the university and were taken to the Electrical Engineering building. We were  given lunch passes and had to fill in all the  necessary information they needed for  registration. We were then led to a lecture room where we were surprised by the visit of TV  personality Rachel Riley (from Countdown), who told us about how rewarding but different  studying Maths at university was compared to studying it at school. She spoke about the area of Mathematics she was most interested in and the current careers in STEM projects that she finds exciting. We learnt that she found the quantum aspect of her studies fascinating!

Inspiring Women in Maths2

We then had a short break which was followed by another lecture all about probability and using statistics delivered by Professor Emma McCoy. After this lecture, we had lunch in the cafeteria. It was delicious but busy. We then split into pairs so we could go to individual seminars. There were talks about triangles, braids, bubbles and much more. After this we had a final lecture all together with Hannah Fry. It was about random numbers. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I learnt that it is impossible to pick a random number, the total angle in triangles aren’t actually 180 degrees and most importantly, Maths is extremely  interesting and a great choice to study at  university for my future career prospects.

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