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Year 9 Guided Choices

Work is underway within school to help students make the right decisions for them in terms of their programme of study for Key Stage 4. These decisions are important because their success in public examinations not only affects future decisions for their Sixth Form choices, but for university and/or employment. Ultimately life choices and chances are significantly influenced by educational attainment, and we all want our young people to have the best of both of these.

In addition to this, we are offering a range of creative, vocational and work related learning opportunities, recognising that a broad and balanced curriculum with a variety of assessment methods is of benefit. Vocational qualifications are assessed both by external examinations and continuous assessment. This is of help in reducing the number of examinations students have to sit at the end of Year 11. This is of particular benefit to those students who find that examinations do not necessarily capture their true ability, or those who are very anxious.

The way in which our choices are now organised means that students will be able to take 8 or 9 subjects. Students will be able to choose up to 4 subjects which they will study alongside the compulsory courses. In addition to this they will, of course, continue to have lessons in Physical Education as a non-examined subject.

The school reserves the right to exercise its professional judgement when coming to a final decision as to which subjects are to be studied. We endeavour to provide all students with their first choice subjects, however every year, in every school, there are a small number of combinations of subjects that cannot be accommodated.

Our Guided Choices Information is available on Firefly for students, parents and carers. 

If you have any further questions, you can either:

  • contact Ms Sunman via email, or
  • come to the parental drop-in on Tuesday 7th February, from 3.30-5.30pm where the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team will be available to answer queries.




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