Headteacher's Welcome

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Welcome to Langley Park School for Girls. I am thrilled to lead this dynamic, successful school, which combines a focus on 21st century learning with a strong sense of tradition. We are really proud of our academic achievement, with our results at GCSE putting us in the top 100 comprehensive schools in the country and, on the basis of our 2016 results, the top 10 in London. This is the result of a combination of highly skilled teaching and an environment that encourages motivation, self-confidence and risk taking. We know that these factors mean that girls are most successful in single gender schools.

Our strapline is ‘Unlocking potential through empowerment’. Our ethos is underpinned by the growth mindset: we believe that our abilities in all areas can be developed through dedication and hard work. In addition to the excellent learning relationships and empowering pastoral curriculum, the school's huge range of enrichment opportunities and out of hours learning enables LPGS students to become confident, creative individuals. We believe that the creative and expressive arts are an essential part of all of their education, and we take delight in showcasing our students’ talents through our concerts, drama and dance performances. LPGS has a special focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and students have a range of opportunities to develop through exciting projects in these areas.  We want them to be well informed about global issues and to develop a sense of rights and responsibilities, enabling them to contribute to the wider community and ultimately to become achievers and leaders in our rapidly changing and frequently uncertain world.

It is an exciting time for us, with improving results and the school growing and developing. In 2013/4 we were able to expand our Sixth Form accommodation and open a new Dance studio. During 2014-2016 we replaced the roof and windows on our main building. We have also joined together in a Multi Academy Trust with Hawes Down Primary School and Clare House Primary School. We know that closer collaboration across phases of education will not only improve transition, but also raise expectations and achievement in secondary school.  That is also a key reason why we have set up our own Langley Park Primary School, a two Form entry school which opened in September 2016.

LPGS is an outward facing school, and we are keen to learn from our partnerships, especially the Association of State Girls’ Schools, the Schools, Students and Teachers’ network (SSAT) and our links with schools in Germany, Kenya, France, Kuwait and Tenerife. We hold the International School Award and take pride in our own community’s diversity.

LPGS has been awarded a certificate of commitment towards the Rights Respecting Schools Award. Ours is a listening school, and we know that the views of our stakeholders really count. We have a strong focus on student voice, which we are developing through our student council, through students as learning consultants and through the leadership of our sixth formers. Equally important for improving our school is the voice of the whole school community, including staff and parents.

I look forward to continuing to build on all these important relationships in the years ahead.

Best wishes,

Dr Anne Hudson