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Mini Lectures

This year sees the launch of the 'LPGS Mini Lectures' programme.

Each Wednesday lunchtime a different teacher will deliver a 20 minute lecture in the main hall on a subject that interests them. 

Students from all years are welcome to attend. As the programme continues we hope that students will deliver their own lectures on topics that matter to them/interest them.

Below is the schedule for October/November.

Date Theme Lecturer Title Description
02/10 Black History Month Mr Fowle ‘He had a dream…’ – A brief History of ML King and the America he lived in.  
08/10 Black History Month Ms Pennant How does Robert F Williams challenge what we think about the Civil Rights Movement?  
16/10 Black History Month Ms Allen Frederick Doulass: From Slave to Abolitionist.  
06/11 Black History Month Ms Catteral Confronting Apartheld.  
13/11 Halloween (late) Ms McCarthy The evolution of Vampires in Literature and Popular Culture. The literary tradition of The Vampire, as a symbol in post-colonial literature
20/11 Biology & Careers Dr Fulford “Sucker!! My short life as an octopus wrangler” Animal behaviour (and how to blag a trip to Texas with the BBC)
27/11 Women in Science Ms Travers ‘Hidden Figures – The women behind the race to the moon’

The unsung heroes of space exploration


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