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Year 9 Information (Guided Choices)

LPGS now offers students more choice of subjects than they had in the past. We know they are likely to do better in subjects they enjoy. We are also providing clear guidance to students about their chances of getting level 5 and above in the subjects they might like to take.

You may have heard of the government’s measure of GCSE success, called the English Baccalaureate. It will be achieved by those students who gain a level 5 and above in the combination of English, Mathematics, Science, History or Geography, and a language. This combination is available to all students. There is some evidence that it could affect offers of university places in the future.

We are offering a number of courses in vocational and work related learning. These are GCSE qualifications in which a larger proportion of the assessment is by continuous assessment alongside final exams. Tutors and your Head of Year will be able to explain more about these qualifications.

In order to support the decision making process we will be running a series of events over the course of the year. We would also encourage you to open a conversation with your daughter regarding the process and the choices that she is looking to make as they will have an impact on her studies over the next two years. These events are listed below:


Event Date
Year 9 Assembly
We will introduce the Guided Choices process to your daughter
Week of 4th February 2019
Key Stage 4 Guided Choices Evening for Parents and Students
An opportunity for you and your daughter to explore different
subject areas and ask questions about the process as a whole
12th February 2019
Year 9 Parents' Evening
An opportunity for you to discuss your daughter's progress in each subject
28th February 2019
Deadline for Guided Choices options (online choices form closes) 6th March 2019
Year 9 Assembly
Here we will discuss the forthcoming PSHCE day
Week of 18th March 2019
A whole day of thought-provoking activities and personalised
interviews aimed at helping support your daughter as she
makes her choices at Key Stage 4. The Guided Choices
booklet is issue at this point.
28th March 2019
Choices confirmed with students June/July 2018


For more useful information please view our year 9 handbook

Y9 Handbook July 2019


Page Downloads Date  
KS4 booklet 2018 final 19th Apr 2019 Download
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