Dress Code

All Sixth Form students take pride in their school and themselves, and therefore look smart and presentable at all times. As a general guide you should dress as though you were going to work in a formal business environment. This means:

Girls to wear:

  •  Skirt or trousers or a dress (trousers should be full length, skirts must not be mini-length)
  •  Shirt/blouse/top which covers shoulders and midriff
  •  Shoes- conventional, work orientated and comfortable
  •  Optional jacket 

Boys to wear:

  •  Shirt with long sleeves and collar
  •  Trousers (jacket and tie are optional)
  •  Shoes- conventional, work orientated and comfortable 

Note: the wearing of outdoor coats during the school day is not allowed; coats are to be deposited in lockers before the school day begins.

These rules are in place so that you feel that you are coming to the Sixth Form to work, and because you are setting an example to the rest of the school, which is formally dressed. You may need to bring in an appropriate change of clothes for certain subjects, e.g. PE, Drama, Art.

The following are not allowed:

  •  Headgear (except for parentally confirmed religious or medical reasons)
  •  Trainers or similar sports shoes
  •  Jeans, including trousers made from denim material
  •  Denim jackets
  •  Combat trousers, shorts or cut-offs
  •  Strappy tops or vests
  •  Sportswear e.g. tracksuits, hooded tops
  •  T shirts with logos and pictures
  •  Exposing bare midriff, cleavage or chest
  •  Extreme hairstyles
  •  Leggings
  •  Facial Piercings


If you attend school dressed in what is judged to be an inappropriate manner, you will be referred to a member of the Leadership Team and sent home to change, thus wasting valuable lesson time.