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The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for all participants involved at any level. It is a great way to make new friends, learn new skills, help within the community and, importantly, a great way to boost your CV.
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Duke of Edinburgh Award 2017

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Duke of Edinburgh Archives

Get a taste of the Duke of Edinburgh Experience by reading about past expeditions.

Qualifying Expedition Weekends 2015
More than 80 Year 11 students completed a successful Duke of Edinburgh Bronze qualifying expedition over two weekends in September.  The students were blessed with glorious weather on both weekends – blue skies and sunshine – although this did mean it was very cold overnight. Starting at Pratt’s Bottom, they walked approximately 8k carrying all of their equipment in their rucksacks.  Although some found themselves off their intended route, all were able to use their navigation skills to return to their route and make their way into camp. 

Qualifying Exped 2 2014-15Once in camp, they made themselves busy pitching their tents and then cooking their evening meal using the trangia cooking system.  Lots of pasta in various guises was consumed, often followed by a dessert involving melted chocolate.

It was early to bed, early to rise with students safely tucked up in their sleeping bags by 9.30pm – yes - Year 11 on a Saturday night!  Following a cold night, the students were up early to make breakfast, take down their tents, repack their bags and begin their journey back to Pratt’s Bottom.

Throughout the weekend, all students maintained a positive attitude and should be congratulated for this alone; it was not always easy to follow their routes, carrying a heavy (55 litre) rucksack, but they persevered helped on their way by some less than tuneful singing and a variety of sweets!

Qualifying Exped 2014-15

The Assessors for the weekends were impressed by the students’ attitude, navigational skills and some very inventive ‘expedition aims’ such as I’m a Langley student, get me out of here’ or ‘To capture iconic movie scenes along the route’.

Participants are now working on their presentations which are the final aspect of the qualifying section and often give us a completely different insight into the weekend!

Once completed, along with their physical, skills and volunteering sections, the students will eligible to receive their Bronze Award.

Congratulations to all – you did us proud!





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