Letters Home

Recent letters sent home to parents and carers may be downloaded from the links below.

Please note that in an effort to cut down on paper, most letters are emailed out; please make sure that we have your email address! Please email us on: info@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk


Name Date File Size
Art Costs A Level & BTEC 18th Sep 2017347 KB
Christmas Lunch 2017 03rd Nov 2017412 KB
Christmas Trees Voucher 2017 10th Nov 2017412 KB
English Literature Texts 02nd Nov 2017366 KB
EV Form 1 - Parental Consent Medical For... 30th Jun 2017240 KB
Fine Art Costs KS4 18th Sep 2017348 KB
French GCSE Revision Guides 18th Sep 2017365 KB
French Trip to Languedoc Coast 20th Oct 2017448 KB
Hansel and Gretel Dance Production 08th Nov 2017450 KB
KS3 Art Club 23rd Nov 2017367 KB
KS3 French Books 03rd Oct 2017370 KB
Media Reports Regarding School Funding 12th Jun 2017303 KB
Medical Review: Supporting Students in S... 23rd Nov 2017349 KB
Medical Update: Supporting Students in S... 23rd Nov 2017363 KB
Photography costs A Level 18th Sep 2017350 KB
Photography costs KS4 18th Sep 2017350 KB
Winter Music Concert 09th Nov 2017368 KB
Year 11 French Support Sessions 08th Nov 2017418 KB
Year 11 GCSE Revision Guides 02nd Nov 2017380 KB
Year 11 German Intervention Sessions 08th Nov 2017341 KB
Year 11 Lunchtime Off Site Trial 20th Oct 2017363 KB
Year 11 Trial Examinations 02nd Nov 2017368 KB
Year 13 Parents' Evening 03rd Nov 2017355 KB
Year 13 Trial Examinations 02nd Nov 2017344 KB
Year 7 Life Passport 23rd Nov 2017375 KB
Year 7 Welcome & Information Evening 29th Sep 2017367 KB
Year 8 Parents' Evening 23rd Nov 2017357 KB
Year 8 Student Receptionists 18th Sep 2017343 KB