Letters Home

Recent letters sent home to parents and carers may be downloaded from the links below.

Please note that in an effort to cut down on paper, most letters are emailed out; please make sure that we have your email address! Please email us on: info@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk


Name Date File Size
Bromley School's Dance Showcase 07th Nov 2018350 KB
Computer Science Revision Resources 17th Sep 2018345 KB
Dance 'Infra, Wayne McGregor' trip (KW) 10th Oct 2018472 KB
Dance 'Infra, Wayne McGregor' trip (SLD) 10th Oct 2018472 KB
Dance 'Matthew Bourne, Swan Lake' trip 10th Oct 2018472 KB
Drama Theatre Trip for A-Level Students 07th Nov 2018465 KB
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 07th Nov 2018450 KB
English A-Level eMagazine Student Confer... 10th Oct 2018361 KB
English Lang & Lit A-Level Text Requirem... 07th Sep 2018398 KB
English Lecture Days for A-Level Student... 07th Nov 2018469 KB
English Lit A-Level Text Requirements 07th Sep 2018482 KB
English Literature Course for A-Level St... 07th Nov 2018367 KB
English Literature Texts 21st Sep 2018335 KB
GCSE French Revision Guides 2018 17th Sep 2018348 KB
GCSE German Revision Guides 21st Sep 2018345 KB
German Exchange 2019 07th Nov 2018352 KB
Headteacher's Letter 17th September 2018 17th Sep 2018345 KB
Headteacher's Letter Sixth Form 9th Octo... 12th Oct 2018353 KB
Headteacher's Letter Y10 9th October 12th Oct 2018342 KB
Headteacher's Letter Y11 9th October 12th Oct 2018347 KB
Headteacher's Letter Y7 9th October 12th Oct 2018341 KB
Headteacher's Letter Y8 9th October 12th Oct 2018366 KB
Headteacher's Letter Y9 9th October 12th Oct 2018342 KB
History Pixl Sessions for Year 13 07th Nov 2018343 KB
Keeping Students Safe On Site 21st Feb 2018342 KB
Key Stage 3 French Books 27th Sep 2018355 KB
LPLT Music Orchestra 10th Oct 2018332 KB
Mary Glasgow Series of Magazines 17th Sep 2018355 KB
Media Studies Visiting Speakers 10th Oct 2018337 KB
Music at LPGS 21st Sep 2018423 KB
Religious Studies Conference for A-Level... 07th Nov 2018471 KB
School Healthcare Plan Form 10th Oct 2018296 KB
Spanish Revision Guides 21st Sep 2018345 KB
Student Receptionists 21st Sep 2018330 KB
Washington Trip Instalments 07th Sep 2018356 KB
Year 10 & 11 Food Experience 07th Sep 2018367 KB
Year 13 Trial Examinations 2018 07th Nov 2018346 KB