We are a uniformed school.  We believe that uniform serves its best purpose when parents and students conform to requirements and accept that fashion trends are best left for out of school clothes. How the uniform is worn is as important as wearing the correct items.

We ask therefore that you as parents exercise careful judgement in matters of uniform and that you check any potential purchases which might prove to be controversial with us before you make them. 

We always inform parents in writing of any changes, actual or proposed, to our uniform.

Uniform for Years 7 - 11

The school’s suppliers – Bromley Schoolwear in Bromley and online www.121uniforms.co.uk – will be happy to deal with any queries. They have asked us to strongly advise you to make contact, as quickly as possible if you feel your daughter may require a non-standard size item of uniform.

  • Navy check knife-pleat skirt*, no shorter than knee-length, no longer than mid-calf
  • Navy tailored blue trousers with school crest **
  • Badged and piped school blazer*.  This is worn during the day by Years 7 and 8 and currently becomes an optional item in Years 9, 10 and 11.
  • Regulation school blouse, white cotton open neck with lapels, either long or short sleeved***
  • Optional regulation school navy trousers with logo*
  • Navy V-necked jumper with trim*. If a blazer is worn the jumper is optional.
  • LPGS cardigan with trim for Year 10 and 11 students
  • Plain navy or black outdoor fabric coat or jacket.  (Logos, denim, leather, suede PVC and “fur” coats/jackets are not allowed) – check the school website (www.lpgs.bromley.sch.uk) or with the school to confirm suitability
  • Plain navy tights, navy knee-length or navy short socks
  • Totally plain black school shoes without heels, no canvas or ‘boot’ styles allowed (no obvious brand names or logos)
  • Strong school bag of a sensible size in which to carry books.  Plastic carrier bags are not allowed.
  • Plain navy scarf (optional)

*   Available only from the school’s suppliers
** Available from 121 uniforms
*** This must be an open-necked blouse not designed to be buttoned at the neck

Jewellery and make-up/hair

The only items of jewellery permitted are a watch (named) and a small pair of plain stud earrings for pierced ears, worn one in each lobe. No other facial piercings are permitted. Jewellery and make-up are not allowed.  Unnatural hair colours, nail varnish/false nails are not permitted. Hair bands should be discreet – preferably black or navy.

Students may have to be sent home if there is a difficulty with any of the above. Outdoor coats and jackets which do not conform to our uniform requirements will be confiscated on sight and may only be retrieved from a member of the school’s Leadership Team initially by the student. After the first confiscation a parent/carer will need to collect the item. In the event of this happening, in adverse weather students are always offered the temporary loan of a coat from the school’s stock.

Uniform Suppliers

Bromley Schoolwear, Bromley
Tel: 0208 460 0032

Ollequip Trading-121uniforms