Staff, Tutors & Houses

Tutorial Staff
The Head of Year has the main responsibility for overseeing your daughter’s education and well being. He/she will welcome contact with you. On routine matters your first point of contact, either by telephone or letter, is your daughter’s Form tutor. We recognise that in a busy school the tutor may not be immediately available, in which case please establish with the school office when he or she will be free.

Senior Staff
Senior staff are willing to talk to parents by appointment, please refer to the staff lists page for their details.
Form Tutors
The Form unit remains constant throughout the first five years regardless of teaching class and option groupings in Years 10 and 11. Your daughter’s tutor meets his/her tutor group on a daily basis and this time is spent reading, discussing current events and other topical activities. Through this regular contact the tutor becomes the person who knows your daughter the most thoroughly.

Please make a note of your daughter’s Form tutor and her tutor group.
The school is divided into four houses (Lambda (yellow), Kappa (blue), Sigma (red), and Gamma (green) for sports competitions as well as for charity and fund raising activities.