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We will send home letters, newsletters and other documents via your daughter or through e-mail . They will also be published on the website.
We use our own in house parent e-mail system to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest letters & bulletins. Please let us know if you think any of your details may have changed at
School Calendar
Our website contains details of key events happening throughout the school year. 
This includes:
  • Term and holiday dates
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Dates on which reports will be issued
  • School closures
Newsletters and Magazines
Magazines are issued to parents once every term and newsletters every month. They contain information and news about the school and the work, activities and achievements of our students. Students, staff and parents are invited to contribute items for the termly newsletter. Supplementary Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 bulletins will be issued from time to time.
Parents' Evening and Reports
Progress reports are issued once a term for each year group. These will indicate the progress being made across all subjects using data provided by your son or daughters teachers. The summer term report will include comments indicating particular strengths and actions points.
In addition to these progress reports, each year group will have a dedicated parents' evening where you will be given the opportunity to discuss, by appointment, your son or daughter's progress with their specific subject teachers. The dates of each evening can be found in the calendar. Sixth Form will have additional information evenings for parents throughout the year such as the Higher Education Evening, some of which will be by invitation only.