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Leadership Team & Key Contacts

Leadership Team

Ms K Scott Headteacher Headteacher@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mr D Webb Deputy Headteacher dgw@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mrs E Ashman-Clark Assistant Headteacher eas@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
mrs r cadman Assistant Headteacher rc@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms C Sunman Assistant Headteacher  cs@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms A Taylor Assistant Headteacher at@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk


Heads of Key Stage

MISS R CEJER Head of Key Stage 3 rce@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk 
MRS L Brown Head of Key Stage 4 lbr@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
MS D Jennings Head of Key Stage 5 dje@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk


Heads of Year

Mr D Maisey Head of Year 7 dm@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms H Crawford Head of Year 8 hcr@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms S davis Head of Year 9 sd@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mrs J Kourtaa Head of Year 10 jk@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms S Galbert Head of Year 11 sg@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
MS A Klawiter Head of Year 12 akl@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mrs C Ximines Head of Year 13 cx@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk


Heads of Faculty

Ms J Walker English jw@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Miss L Sutherland Humanities lsu@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms B Stavrou Languages bs@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms L Hine Mathematics lh@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mr C BAROT PE & Health cba@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
MS H STAnley Performing Arts hst@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mrs V Parry Science vp@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms N Douglas Society ndo@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mr E Fox Joyce Visual Arts ef@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk


Other staff you may wish to contact

Miss G Sheppard Head of Music gs@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mrs J Hall Librarian jh@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mrs R Cadman SENCO rc@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms J ORtuno Mora Admissions Officer jom@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mrs S McALEER Exams Officer smc@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Ms A Woods Data Manager awo@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
MrS M EVANS Finance Manager mev@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mrs Z Rose Attendance Officer zr@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
MRS V REES Headteacher's PA vre@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Mr S Robertson Estates Manager sro@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk
Data PROTECTION Data Protection Enquiries info@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk


All Other Staff

Should you wish to contact a member of staff who is not on the above list, please send an e-mail to the address below, marking it for the attention of the teacher concerned.


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