The Governing Body


A minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 Governors, comprising

  • Up to 4 Appointed Governors
  • 1 Ex-officio Governor (Headteacher)
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • Up to 2 Staff Governors
  • Up to 3 Co-opted Governors


Parent, Staff and Teacher Governors are elected, unless insufficient nominations have been received after which Parent Governors may be appointed by the Local Governing Body. Other Governors, with the exception of the Headteacher (who is ex-officio), are appointed by the Langley Park Academies Trust Board  or co-opted by the Local Governing Body in consultation with the Trustees of Langley Park Academies.

The term of office for all categories of Governor is four years.

The Chair of the Governors and the Clerk to the Governors may be contacted through the school.

The Governing Body Committee Membership 2016/17
Chair of Governors
Mrs S Day
Vice Chair of Governors
Mrs R Day

Ex-officio Governor
Dr A Hudson - Headteacher
Parent Governors
Mrs R Day, term start date 25/11/14 ends 24/11/18
Co-opted Governors
Mr C Anderson, term start date 12/12/13 ends 11/12/17
Mrs S Day, term start date 01/10/15 ends 30/09/19
Mr R Watkins, term start date 11/12/14 ends 10/12/18
Appointed Governors
Dr S Aliwell, term start date 12/12/13 ends 11/12/17
Mrs K Alveranga, term start date 03/0216 ends 02/02/20
Ms S Bailey, term start date 12/12/13 ends 11/12/17
Ms S Collier, term start date 26/09/14 ends 25/09/18
Staff Governors
Mr J Lutz, term start date 21/11/2016 ends 20/11/16
Mrs S Sunman term start date 03/05/16 ends 02/05/20
Clerk to Governors
Mrs L Cottrell
Resources Committee
Mr C Anderson (Chair)  A
Mr S Aliwell   A
Mr R Watkins  C
The Chair of Governors
Business Manager
Site Manager
Deputy Head - Rob Lewis
People & Development Committee
Mrs K Alveranga (Chair)    A
Mrs S Bailey (Vice Chair)   A
Mr J Lutz   S
The Chair of Governors
Deputy Head - Rob Lewis
Teaching & Learning Committee
Mrs R Day (Vice Chair)  P
Mrs C Sunman  S
Ms S Collier  A
The Chair of Governors
Deputy Head
Chair of Governors
Committee Chairs
(including anti-bullying and e-safety)

Mrs K Alveranga

Looked After Children
Mrs K Alveranga

Mrs R Day

More Able Students
Ms S Collier

Equality & Diversity
Ms S Bailey

Sixth Form
Mrs R Day

Mrs R Day

Careers & Sustainability
Dr S Aliwell

Health & Safety
Mr C Anderson

Student Voice
Mrs R Day

Staff Health and Wellbeing
Ms S Bailey

Mrs R Day


Key to categories: P = Parent           S = Staff           T = Trustee          A = Appointed           C = Co-opted