Emergency Evacuation

Posted on: May 23rd - 2019

Dear Parents, students and staff,

This afternoon, during a routine check in the science storage area, an issue was identified. Advice was sought immediately and followed. The school was evacuated as we have drilled the students and staff to do so.

I would like to commend and thank all members of the LPGS and LPPS communities who evacuated and followed the instructions of the emergency services. I want to give particular mention to the students who were in the middle of public examinations. We were in contact with the examination boards throughout and took their advice to safeguard the students’ results.

Whilst we were able to dismiss most students, there were some who needed to collect belongings in order to get home. Those students were supervised at all times. Water and toilet facilities were provided by Club Langley.

The emergency services carried out a controlled explosion in the middle of a field. Students and staff were then able to return into the building.

I would like to thank all the staff who stayed behind to help supervise the students who could not go home. I would also like to thank the emergency services for acting so swiftly.

It is testament to the inquisitive nature of LPGS students that they wanted to watch the controlled explosion and interview the emergency services about aspects of their job.; and testament to their good manners that they were thanking teachers before going home.

In order that students’ belongings left in the building are safe, students will not be permitted on site tomorrow after 6pm tonight or before 8am tomorrow.

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