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Posted on: February 28th - 2019

In February the science department took a group of students to the Eurospace center in Belgium. Aleesha shares her experience on this exciting trip. After 12 hours of travelling, even though we had a restful and enjoyable stop at a chocolate factory along the way, I think it was fair to say that we were all tired and even exhausted! As soon as we arrived we went to our room and having fought over our beds we started to settle in. After a lovely dinner we had a briefing about the upcoming days and were separated into our teams and given out Euro Space t-shirts.

Eurospace centre 1

The next day after a much needed rest the first activity of the day was a presentation on the evolution of the travel into space. Next our red group had a go at the zero-g wall, which was an activity where we had to try and fix a satellite whilst being 20ft up in the air and weightless. We also did rocket building, but my favourite was a space shuttle and control room simulator. It was a 2 hour experience which followed the steps that you would have to do if you were actually part of NASA’s mission control. But it wasn't all science, we also had the experience of history. Later that evening we all went to Bouillon Castle which was a medieval castle in a local village. We had a flaming torch lit tour of the castle. There was no electricity and it was a bit spooky but we did learn a lot. The next day we had more activities including the rotating chair, the multi axis chair, a presentation on the future of expeditions to planet Mars and an interesting and enlightening talk in a planetarium. We finished off the evening, after a filling dinner, a very relaxing movie night watching Hidden Figures (a must watch).

Eurospace centre 2

Our last day started with the most anticipated Moonwalk and a Mars walk, it really was worth the experience. It gave the experience that you really on the moon and it was nice to experience what astronauts really experienced! We later got the opportunity to launch our rockets which we had been building over the past couple of days. It went 300ft in 1 second, unfortunately I wasn’t able take my rocket home as not the way down from its flight it landed in a tree! All groups then came together for one big quiz on everything that we had learnt over the weekend. Okay, our score may have been low compared to the other teams but don’t forget that the red team was the youngest group! And I am proud of us for getting 18 points!

Eurospace centre 3

Our journey home was exhausting but thankfully everything ran smoothly and on time. It was nice to be home. I would like to say a big thank you to all the teachers (and Richard), you made the trip fun, interesting and enjoyable and I will never forget Miss Trenchfield’s reaction after her experience on the rotating chair. It was hilarious.

Aleesha S. 9GB



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