Dancing their way to Success

Posted on: February 1st - 2019

Leading Edge Dance Company and Look See Dance Company were invited to compete against other schools in Bromley to represent the county in a countrywide dance competition.

Our students presented an exhilarating collaborative contemporary dance performance titled ‘Monster’. The students used the lyrics of the accompaniment as a stimulus to produce a piece the shows the concept of ‘breaking free from inner demons’.

The choreography began with an image suggesting a cage which momentarily opens to reveal the first attempt at breaking free. Formations were then used throughout the dance to depict the idea of a cage and being trapped. To compliment this, movements of rise and fall were used to suggest the idea of a struggle.

Our students did exceptionally well and were presented with the bronze award for their concept, performance skills, technical ability and overall impact.

Your dance technique is an outstanding level, Engaging performance, You can see the high level of commitment in your performance, It was fantastic to see young and old students working beautifully together

Congratulations to the following students who took part:

Ines de Miguel    

Emily Hodgson

Georgia Stanton 

Phoebe Lewis   

Ivy Burn 

Isla Vero

Alana Neville  

Simone Gouws

Madison Crozier

Rachel Chima  

Charlotte Bend

Harriet Gadd 

Ester Crabtree

Holly Goldsmith

Olivia Bonegio 

Zian Galoy

Shannon Corgat

Shannon Schofield

Daisy Martynski   

Aimee King-Smith

Francesca Daffin

Niamh Jared 

Ciara Morris

Anabel Wisbey

Amelia Downs

Ella Morris

Aleesha Solanki 

Rebecca Goddard

Olivia Neilly

Sophie Holloway


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