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Over the Easter holidays 8 staff and 3 sixth form coaches gave up part of their holiday to take 63 students to Eindhoven, Netherlands to compete in a school sports hockey and netball festival.

netherlands 2017 1

The huge group was comprised of students from years 8 -11 with Langley entering 5 netball teams and 2 hockey teams into the competition. We arrived at our Centre Parcs accommodation, after a long coach journey, and quickly settled in. The following morning was an early start and straight out to the sports venue for the morning coaching sessions. Netballers received expert coaching from county level coaches and the hockey players from national league players. The facilities were excellent and allowed the girls to really develop their skills and team play ready for the matches that afternoon. After lunch the competition presented us with a mixture of opposition but the experience of playing new teams was welcomed.

netherlands 2017 2In the netball the U13 A’s dominated, as has become their default setting, resulting in them winning their age group and bringing home a large trophy for the cabinet. U13 B’s put out some good performances and built on the training they had received. U15 A’s played well but came up against a strong Thurston team making them determined to get their own back in the 2nd match against them, which they were disappointed to lose by 1!!! . U15B’s again built on their training on the morning and came away with some strong results against older teams. U18’s played some good netball and came away with a mixture of results but were left with a memorable win in their last ever match for LPGS.

In the hockey the U13’s were slow to start. Losing their first game but quickly picked up momentum drawing and then winning the next 3 games to finish day 1 on a high. The following day matches were repeated and similar scores were seen but play had improved for all teams, meaning our girls were left in 3rd position. The U15 hockey team also started well and showed their talent early on to ruffle some feathers in the competition. It was really encouraging to see the girls trying the skills they had been taught in the morning during match play. A few close games meant there was all to play for against the Dutch school, but sadly results elsewhere meant they finished in 3rd, narrowly missing a place in the final. The girls really enjoyed the experience of playing the Dutch school and even tried out some of their phrasebook Dutch. Throughout the trip girls were rewarded for being ‘star of the day’ and ‘dork of the day’ due to their weird and wonderful antics on and around the court/pitch, all part of building team spirit and morale.

netherlands 2017 3After a tiring day of sport, we returned to Centre Parcs for bowling and swimming – these girls have got some energy!!! Due to a slight confusion in closing times the bowling became a highly entertaining evening of ‘speed bowling’ in order to fit everyone in. The pool offered a more sedate cool down and relax for the weary legs, as well as some fun in the flumes and wave pool.

Our final day was spent in Phantasialand, Germany where rollercoasters and ghost trains were the order of the day. Miss Bush and Miss Hamlett we left feeling slightly unwell after the Black Mamba loop the loop rollercoaster, but at least they gave it a go, unlike Miss Cejer and Mr
Sturley who were more suited to the tea cups
J. Mr Beardsworth’s head even went missing on the swing carousel!!??

It’s fair to say the journey home was a lot quieter than going, as a well needed nap was in order for many. Even Miss Hamlett’s microphone entertainment couldn’t keep us awake. The trip was a great success and this is due to the brilliant students we took, playing sport for over 10 hours across the trip, developing their individual skills and team work – you did us proud. But the biggest thank you must go to the staff and sixth form coaches who made this trip so enjoyable and positive, in everyway: Miss Hamlett, Miss Cejer, Miss Walker, Mr Webb, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Beardswroth, Mr. Sturley, Gina, Liv and Beth - without your time, energy and great sense of humour it wouldn’t have been the same. Now we build for next season and the next tour in 2019…


Miss Bush netherlands 2017 4

Head of PE










Y9 Netball 2016

U14 vs Bonus Pastor  W 12 - 3 

On Thursday 6th October the year 9 netball team played a match against Bonus Pastor. The players were; Isobel Ward, Grace Richards, Grace Duncan, Emily Jacobs, Emily Donaldson, Hannah Stevens, Jodie Graham and Tyrene Aiyeola. Everyone played amazingly and the final score was 12-3 to Langley. The goal scorers were Emily J, Hannah S and Emily D. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Miss Kenyon for coaching us. Well done everyone who played!

By Grace Duncan







U16 Netball 2016On Tuesday the 4th of October the U16's netball team went to Hayes secondary school to play in a tournament against 9 other teams.

Our first game, against Hayes, resulted in us losing 5-2. After this match we realised we didn’t play to our full potential and won our second game against Bullers Wood 10-0. This gave us high confidence and therefore we managed to win our third game 8-1 against Darrick Wood. Unfortunately we lost our winning streak when we lost  4-2 to Harris Orpington and 6-2 to Haberdashers Knights but soon redeemed ourselves when we went back on the winning streak winning 3-2 against Harris Bromley, 3-1 against Newstead B team and 1-0 to Bishop Justus which was a tough game.

This then left us with our last game against Newstead Wood A team. We were worried before this game because at the start of the season we had a disastrous game against them but luckily we pulled all our strength together and ended up drawing with them 3-3. Although we weren't lucky enough to win we were so glad we didn’t let them put many goals in and drew with them.

Unfortunately we don't know our ending position however we are aware that we came in the top 4 but we had a good time and everyone played really well.

Well done to the whole team: Grace Afolalu, Lucy Brooks, Luana Coombs, Drew Gould, Sophie Graham, Lottie Moore, Millie Orlandini and Ruby Bell who deserves a special mention.

Ruby (who actually plays for U15s) was asked to play at the last minute and played amazingly.





On Tuesday 23rd February , we played a Netball tournament at Hayes. This was the Bromley Borough tournament and we won overall. The first match we played was against Priory and the final score was 6 – 0 to us. We found this match pretty easy but we thought that as a team we needed to slow it down and clear space. The second match was against Chislehurst and we beat them 2 – 0 although this was a closer match than before, we had cleared more and slowed our movements down. Our third match was against Farringtons, whom we had beaten before but you could never know who would win. The final score was 7 – 0 to us which meant that so far we had won all of our games. This match we had dodged for almost every ball to make sure that it was not intercepted. We then played Bromley High A team which we knew would be a challenge but we tried our hardest. The final score was 6 -1 to Bromley high. This was our only defeat. Afterwards we played Charles Darwin B which we won - the score was 6-2 to us. After that match we played Harris Beckenham, we had played them before and we had won so our hopes were high. The final score was 4-1. After that we were waiting for the results to come out. If we had come first or second we would go through to the semi – finals. We got the results and we were the runners up of our group. This meant that we would play Charles Darwin A team in the semi – finals. We knew that this would be a tough match as we had played them before and they seemed to be a good team. The final score was 4-2 to us which meant that we made it through to the finals. The other team that got into the finals was Bromley High. We were pretty scared as only about 30 minutes ago we had lost to them. Although we tried to not let that get to us and put a smile on our faces. It was a very tough match but the final score was 3 -2 to us. We were sooooooo happy because it meant that we were 1st in the whole of Bromley.

Playing on the team was Grace Richards, Issy Ward, Grace Duncan, Emily Donaldson (me), Monica Fiddeman, Jodie Graham, Christie Davis, Emily Jacobs and Hannah Stevens.

Well done U13’s!!!! By Emily Donaldson




With the impending resurfacing of the all weather pitch our hockey teams are proving the need for such a facility to be renewed.

In the last month our girls have played fixtures against Colfes and St Dunstans across all age groups and come away with extremely impressive results.

U15 vs St Dunstans – W 2-0
A great game of hockey from a team who have not played together in a while. Their passing and formations were exceptional. Players from Year 8 stepped in to fill some key positions and shone in the 11 a-side game. Goals from Megan Bone and Sophie Graham secured the win but the team performed amazingly well as a whole, supporting and encouraging each other every step of the way. With more fixtures to come we are hoping for big things from these girls in the years to come. Well Done.

U15 vs Colfes Feb 2016

U15 vs Colfes W 1-0
Following their success in the previous game the U16 squad were ready and raring to go in their next fixture with Colfes. The girls did a thorough warm up and rehearsed their set penalty corner routines ready for the match. After a tense first half the score line remained 0-0 but with the addition of Miss Hamlett and Mr Lewis on the side line the second half was full of drive and attacking play. A few stray shots went wide but Tiana Bailey finally found the back of the goal after a well worked move up the pitch. The girls held out until the final whistle where the celebrations commenced.

U18 vs St Dunstans W 5-0
Another sterling performance from the girls with the inclusion of 2 brand new players. The squad held a strong formation, communicated well and passed the ball around the pitch to good effect. The first goal came from Amy Tomlinson on a penalty corner within the first 3 minutes of the game. The second followed shortly after from Lydia Green in open play leaving the score 2-0 at half time. Half time team talk focussed on getting result in the congested attacking D and the various positives to draw from the first 20 minutes. A determined side took to the field intent on doubling the score line, and were well on the way to doing so following several short corners resulting in a goal for Jasmine Alcorn and another for Tomlinson. The final goal came from a well worked play and final touch from Lydia Green securing the win, 5-0.




Y12 Netball Royal RussellOn Wednesday 3rd February 2016, the Year 12 netball team played in an away game against Royal Russell. The team consisted of Georgina Morin, Olivia Douet, Summer Parry Dean, Bethany Ellis, Melissa Longhurst, Lowen Crewe, Amelia Nunn, Megan Shepherd and Akina Gondwe.

We played four 8 minute quarters where we were able to maintain a constant lead throughout. This was due to outstanding shooting from Summer Parry Dean and strong defending from Bethany Ellis, who was constantly getting the ball back down to our end of the court. In addition our team also had some other very strong players like Georgina Morin who was constantly stealing the ball and allowing for more goal opportunities. Megan Shepherd also defended the goal and caught constant rebounds.

Overall, using team work and communication our team was able to walk away with a successful win of 25-6, making it the first time we have beaten Royal Russell.

Well done Langley!



Hot on the heels of her last win, Issie Atack competed in a second trampolining competition last weekend. Below she tells us of her more recent success.

Issie Atack - Trampolining2On the 31st January, I competed in the 2nd zonal schools trampolining competition in Gillingham. This was to determine where my place was in the South of England.  I was against 12 other competitors, also in the under 14 girls intermediate category and we had to compete 2 routines. I was last to compete both times which made me really nervous, but I completed my set routine with the best ever scores I have ever received in a competition, the highest being 8,8. I was then put into 2nd place but we still had to complete our voluntary routines. My 2nd routine went well also and I got some 8's which is very rare for me! This meant that I went into 1st place and I will now compete in the national school finals which will be out of the UK. I was extremely excited as I have never made it to the finals as an individual before.

Issie Atack 9GK





Our Sports Hall athletics teams competed in the annual borough competition and despite tough competition achieved 1st in Year 8 and 2nd in Year 7. The girls have had minimal training but their natural talent in the disciplines of track and field have shone through. The year 8 team will now progress to the regional round of the competition in March, Well Done ladies.

Yr 7 team 2016 Yr 8 team 2016

Year 7 team - Georgia Hajigeorgiou, Heidi Forsyth, Eliza Powell, Nia Blackman, Rose Ward, Annabel Wilson, Tamsin Want, Jaime Harrison

Year 8 team - Jessica Eweje, Chloe Ellis, Mia Fester, Ayo Babatunde, Tahira Bowes, Sienna Coombs, Lovell Nanditta, Lily McCullock




14 Y8 and 9 netball players travelled to the Copper Box in the Olympic Park to see England play Australia in their friendly series on January 22nd. 

Eng netball vs Aus trip

The girls were amazed by the speed of the game and the physicality of the players. England’s shooters impressed with flawless technique but the world number 1 - Australia - proved their pre-season training had been worthwhile and with the new rules increasing the speed of the game their fitness gave them the edge in the second half. England fought hard but player of the match, Australian GK - Sharni Layton kept the shooters out the circle for key periods of play. Despite England’s loss, the girls were really excited to meet several of the players after the match for pictures and autographs and hope to put some of the skills they saw into action at training in the coming weeks

Eng netball match



A strong squad of 10 girls took to the water at this years Kent Schools meet in Gillingham. Kindly manager by Mrs Powell the girls competed in the newly structured competition and achieved several personal bests as well as 2 medals for Lily Dabin – Gold in 100m back stroke and Abby Ashworth – silver in 100m breast stroke

Inter swimmers 2016

Full results:Junior swimmers 2016


  • Annabel Wilson – 8th 100 Fly
  • Ella Hooper -  16th 100 Free
  • Issy Adams-Howard - 5th 100 Breast
  • Emily Donaldson – 7th 100 Back
  • Eliza Powell - 7th 200 IM


  • Francesca Powell - 6th 100 Fly
  • Katy Grant - 4th 100 Free
  • Abby Ashworth - 2nd 100 Breast
  • Lily Dabin - 1st 100 Back


  • Alex Mason 6th 100 Back




Issie Atack - TrampoliningISABELLE BOUNCES TO THE TOP!

Isabelle Atack had a successful weekend on the trampoline, hours of practicing, combined with a clever tactical decision enabled her to bounce her way to the top. Congratulations Issie!

Last weekend on the 17th January, I went to Harlington School and I competed in a trampolining competition. This was my first time competing in the advanced category and I found out that I was competing against 19-23 year olds. I was really nervous but my set routine went very well, putting me into 2nd place. We then had to complete our voluntary routine, of which we had to make up, and I got high 7s. This put me into 1st place, just before the final round. Our scores were added and our final routine would determine our final positions. I chose to repeat my voluntary routine instead of my set routine because it has a much higher difficulty, and this would increase my score on tariff. My tariff was 4'6 and I completed my routine better than I had done previously, which meant I finished in 1st place. I was so happy and I was in shock. I will now be competing in 3 other linked competitions over the year and I hope to do well in these too.

Isabelle Atack 9GK









A selection of Langley students competed at the Borough Cross Country Championships on Wednesday 18th November and did really well, representing LPGS.

Year 7’s:

  • Annabel Wilson, Heidi Forsyth, Ella Hooper, Eliza Powell: Came 4th, 5th, 12th and 13th (respectively) out of a strong field of 44 runners. They also secured a Team Place of 2nd for LPGS.


Year 8:

  • Niamh Milmo: Came in 5th place out of a field of 46 runners.


Year 11:

  • Lauren Apostolov: Came 6th out of a field of 15 runners.

All of these students will now have the opportunity to go on and represent Bromley at the Kent Cross Country Championships in January.




On the 24th of November year 8 played a netball game against Charles Darwin School. Before we even started we had a problem. We didn’t have enough players. Luckily Lily Findley stepped in – what a hero!! We played four quarters of seven minutes. The players who played were Emily Jacobs, Jodie Graham, Jasmin Hoad, Grace Duncan, Lily Findley, Monica Fiddleman and Issy Ward. We all played really well throughout the whole game. Also the year 10s gave us good advice in the breaks to improve our game. Emily, Jodie and Jasmin scored throughout the game. But unfortunately the final score was 13-6 to Charles Darwin. Everyone played really well and hopefully next time we will beat them. Thank you for everyone who organised it and helped us throughout the game.

Written by Emily Jacobs




Langley’s year 10 netball team went to Hayes school to compete in the Borough tournament; each game was six minutes one way. They had a positive mind-set before going onto the court. Langley were in the Blue Poole, which decided which schools they would play. Charles Darwin were their first opponents, but they did not arrive so Langley’s had some time to practise. The first game was against Newstead A, on court it didn’t go well as the score was 8-0 to Newstead. The next game was on court 3 against Haberdashers Knights which went well as Langley won 3-0. Langley was off for a game so C, WA, WD and one sub practised their centre passes whilst the GA, GS, GD and GK practised shooting and man on man marking. Langley went back onto court 3 and played a game against Darrick Wood but lost 1-0 which was a low scoring game. After that they were off the court again, using this time to improve their skills before playing Bishop Justus on court 3. We won with a score of 6-0. We had a talk through what they could do, who they can pass and how to hold their space when needed. They played their last game against Bromley High on court 2 which they lost with the score of 4-0. The tournament was early in the season and we can now see what we need to for the rest of the seasons matches.



On Thursday the 5th of November, Langley year 10 netball team played Farringtons away at their school. The team consisted of Lottie Moore, Lucy Brook, Millie Orlandini, Drew Goold, Courtnae Mclean, Grace Afolalu and Sophie Graham The first two quarters went really well, scoring consistently. After the first quarter it was 4-0 to Langley , we carried on playing well and ended the second quarter at 10-0.

The third quarter went well, however Langley needed to slow down meaning Farringtons scored two goals due to silly mistakes. In the final quarter Langley carried on playing well, with the match ending on 19-3. A well-deserved win for Langley!!! Coutney and Sophie played well in their swapped positions of GS and GA, there was amazing defending from Drew and Grace.  Lottie played well as C and there was no footwork from Lucy . Thanks to Mark and Miss Kenyon for taking us and giving us lots of advice.




On Thursday 19th March, the Year 7 netball team (Emily Jacobs, Chloe Ellis, Grace Richards, Ayomide Babatunde, Emily Donaldson, Issy Ward and Hannah Steven) played in a netball game against Charles Darwin. We had recently played Charles Darwin so we knew what we were up against. It was going to be hard. We had a great first half with Emily J and Hannah scoring 6 goals between them, but on the other hand Charles Darwin had scored 5 goals. It was going great, 6-5 to us. They were fighting hard though, but we were trying hard too, we made some mistakes through the whole game and they were taking advantage of that. In the second half we were trying our best, we scored 2 goals and they scored 4. The final score was 8-9 to them. We look forward to a rematch next year!

By Emily Jacobs




What a game!

The Year 7 netball team took on Colfes last Thursday 26th February at their home court. Having never played them previously the exciting Langley Team were dealing with an unknown quantity.

The game swung one way and the other with both teams trading goals and by half time Langley led 4-3 with the ever reliable Hannah Stephens keeping her excellent goal scoring record going. Langley edged the game 8-6 at full time.

The two lively Emilys playing at Centre and Goal Attack used their mobility and passing skills to maintain Langley smooth transition from one end of the court to the other making particularly using the team's pre-planned 'foot strategy' at all the restarts.

Strong performances all round contributed to the overall winning performance with debutant Safa making a valuable contribution with her incisive passes at crucial times.

Goal keeper, Charlotte, frustrated and denied Colfe's shooting options all afternoon and was picked out by stand-in skipper, Issy Ward for the way in particular she tamed their Goal Shooter. After the game Issy reiterated Miss. Bush comments saying how pleased she was with the whole teams performance and how they plan to continue their winning streak.

Issy was delighted to be Captain for the match and her competitive edge and dominance along with Charlotte in defence proved to be the difference between the teams. Although she enjoyed the game she shied away from the media afterwards (particularly not liking having to do the match report.)  

Thanks also to Yr11 student Akina for umpiring so consistently throughout.


Yr 7 vs Colfes

By Isobel Ward and Dad!





On Tuesday 24th February the Year 8 Team attended Bromley Borough Netball Tournament at Hayes. We had 6 matches in total to play all of which were 6 minutes long. Our first match was against Bromley High (which we knew would be hard!), throughout the match weren’t passing properly. Consequently we lost 3-0. After a bit more warming up and a good team talk, we were ready to play the next match against Farrington. In this game we had improved our channels which helped us to win the match 3-0. The next match we played was against Charles Darwin we really stepped it up and only let one goal in, winning 7-1. We were now half way through the tournament and our next game was against Ravensbourne and in this game we worked on getting into spaces quicker, we won 15-0! After this we played Priory and won 4-0. By now it was getting darker and colder, however we still won our next match against Babington House, 5-0. Our last game before we knew if we would be in the Semi-Finals was against Darrick Wood and this game would decide if we got through. This in mind we all played as well as we could and we won 8-0. All our hard work paid off and we were now in the Semi-Finals against Colfes where unfortunately we lost 4-0 even though we tried out hardest! Well done to the team: Ruby Bell, Jess Golden, Anna Larkin, Lucy Tomlinson, Kareena Galley, Amirah Mohammed, Izzy Duncan and Zoe Martial.




Following qualifying as the school to represent Bromley in the South London regional competition the year 8 team travelled to Westcroft Leisure Centre on Friday 27th February.

The girls performed really strongly in the sprint and relay events on the track and equally as well in the field events, especially the speed bounce.

However due to the nature of the timed heats it was unclear where the girls had placed until the results were read out at the presentations.

The girls finished 3rd on 245 points, behind Lambeth and Wandsworth and therefore narrowly missed out on the London finals.

The girls did a fantastic job and all their training made a real difference as last year they finished in 7th place. Well done to the team: Issy Atack, Libby Cheeseman, Kareena Galley, Zoe Martial, Issy Duncan, Alessia DiReda, Amy Mewis, Daisy Dowling, Esther Oniwinde.

Y8 Athletics




Friday 27th February

The game started very well with a score of 2-1 after the first half to Langley, both goals came from Nat Smithson. In the second half Nat scored again and so did Jasmine and Emily which meant the final score was 5-1 to Langley. All the girls played really well as a team and showed really skill and patience on the ball across the pitch. St Dunstan’s chose Nat Smithson as their man of the match.

Well done to all those who played: Jess. S, Nat. S, Jasmine. H, Emily.J, Grace. D and Grace. W.



KENT SCHOOLS SWIMMING – an array of medals and trophies for LPGS

Spread over 2 weekends staff and students from LPGS gave up their Saturdays to compete at the Kent Schools Swimming gala.

swimming gala 2

Junior, intermediate and senior girls competed across the 2 weekends bringing a range of individual and team results to be proud of.

swimming gala 4

Brooke May-Pitt - Junior Butterfly 5th
Junior Medley Team 4th
Junior Freestyle Team 5th
Emily McClymont - Senior Backstroke 5th
Kate Grant - Intermediate Freestyle 5th
Lily Dabin - Intermediate Backstroke 4th


Bringing home podium finishes:

Abby Ashworth - Junior Breaststroke 2nd
Kate Grant - Intermediate Butterfly 3rd
Drew Goold 3rd


And retaining the title and breaking Kent swimming records:

Intermediate Medley Team 1st
Intermediate Freestyle Team 1st Broke Record with 1.58.99s

swimming gala 1

A massive well done to all the girls involved:

Juniors Brooke May- Pitt, Abby Ashworth, Amy Steele, Emily Donaldson
Intermediates Kate Grant, Drew Goold, Francesca Powell, Lily Dabin
Seniors Emily McClymont, Natalie French




After qualifying for the South East Regional competition in December our trio of bouncers, IssieAtack, Martha Tyler and Natasha Folan, have done it again.

Competing as a team they came 2nd and as a result have qualified for the National finals to be held in Birmingham in March. Issie also competed in the individual event following her success in the London rounds and came away in 4th position, narrowly missing out on national qualification.

The girls have worked extremely hard on their routines and are now practising even harder to ensure the best success possible in Birmingham.


U13 Trampolining




To prepare for the match we did a really good warm up by playing the year 7’s and year 10’s. When the opposition arrived we got straight into it, with a great start by our attacking players, making sure we won the 1st quarter 7-0. Then as the second quarter got under way they pushed on our defending side unfortunately scoring 1 goal but we carried on attacking managing to score another 9 goals bringing it to 16-1. Then we had a really good team talk about using the channels and as soon as the third quarter got underway we started to use them even more which meant scoring more goals which lead to 24-1. In the fourth and final quarter they pushed hard only allowing us to score another 5 goals but to be fair some of us got switched round. The game ended at 29-1. Well done to all the team: Lucy Tomlinson, Ruby Bell, Jessica Golden, Izzy Duncan, Kareena Galley, Anna Larkin, Amirah Mohammed; Zoe Martial

U13 Ravensbourne



U13 AGAINST HAYES 17th December 2014 

When Hayes arrived, we were determined to win the match. As soon as the whistle went, we managed to put some great pressure on. We made some direct passes into the ‘D’ and were using the width. They had some shots on target but our goal keeper Amalie O’Hare was able to save them. The ball was mostly it Hayes side of the pitch. We had an amazing run by Jessica Golden into the ‘D’ but Hayes made a staggering tackle as she was about to shoot. Izzy Duncan made a lovely tackle and took a shoot but it was deflected. We were able to get a short corner. The pass was strong and the shot was on target but the defender stopped it by the line. They made some side steps to get round our defenders, Faye Kempster and Lucy Tomlinson, but they was able to leave the score 0-0 at half time.

Miss Bush had given us all feedback on our play in the match. She had noticed that our play was too central so Hayes knew where to intercept our passes. There wasn’t enough communication on the pitch meaning it was harder to pass to a team mate. She also reminded us to take time when you have the ball, stop the ball, look for a player and then pass.

In the second half Jada Quansha made some excellent runs into the ‘D’ but was tackled before she had a chance to shoot. A pass was made to Rebekah Cooper, she dribbled the ball towards the goal and took a shot; it bounced off the defenders stick and off the goal keepers into the goal. Luckily it was counted making the score 1-0 to Langley girls. After this Daisy Dowling made several runs towards goal. The passes got stronger and the team was using the width making it harder for Hayes to intercept the passes. As Hayes caught the ball, they charged towards the goal but Abby Ashworth made a powerful tackle and won the ball.

Winning the match made us so happy. I was very happy of our team’s performance. Well done Amalie O’Hare, Faye Kempster, Lucy Tomlinson, Jess Golden, Izzy Duncun, Abby Ashworth, Rebekah Cooper, Daisy Dowling and Jada Quansha.



London Schools Trampoline Championship

Following the success of last year, 3 girls from Langley competed in this year’s London School Trampoline Championship in December.

The girls performed routines in the U14 Intermediate category and then their scores went towards to team competition as well.

I am pleased to report another year of success with the following results:

  • Issie Atack – 2nd meaning she has qualified for the South East region in the individual competition
  • Martha Tyler – 6th
  • Natasha Folan – 9th

The girls also achieved 2nd place in the team competition and have therefore qualified for the South East region competition to be held in January

A very big well done to the girls who were raised a performance category given the success achieved last year and still performed exceptionally well.


U13 AGAINST DARRICK WOOD 11th December 2014 

On Tuesday 11th December, the under 13’s played a netball match against Darrwick Wood. We played four quarters; in the first quarter we played very well, quickly getting the ball down to the shooting circle. We scored 5 goals and Darrwick Wood scored 1. We then had a quick team talk where we were told to not crowd together and to slow it down a little bit but also that we were playing well. We took the advice on board for the next quarter where we scored 5 goals taking the lead up to 10-0. In the next quarter we scored another 4 goals and Darrwick Wood stayed on 1. In the final quarter we carried on the lead and took it up to 18-0! Overall the team played very well and won 18-0.

Well done to all the players: Jess Golden, Izzy Duncan, Amirah Mohammed, Anna Larkin, Ruby Bell, Lucy Tomlinson, Zoe Martial and Kareena Galley.


U13 AGAINST BISHOP JUSTICE 18th November 2014

On the 18th November, the under 13’s played a confident netball match against Bishop Justice. When we arrived we did a small warmup to prepare for the match including a heart raiser and stretches. We played for 24 minutes (6 minutes a quarter). In the first quarter we played fantastically scoring 1 goal a minute and the opposition scored naught, leaving the score at 6-0. In the second quarter we played well, remembering to use channels. The score was 12-0. For the third quarter we swapped dramatically changing our positions completely! Although we had not many players in their normal positions, we still managed to carry on the lead scoring 5 goals and taking the score up to 17-0. In our final quarter we swapped again and scored 2 more and they also scored 1. The final score was 19-1!

Well done to all the players: Jess Golden, Amirah Mohammed, Ruby Bell, Lucy Tomlinson, Anna Larkin, Izzy Duncan, Zoe Martial and Kareena Galley. 


U13 AGAINST St DUNSTANS 11th November 2014

Under 13 St Dunstans


On Tuesday 11th November the Under 13’s netball team had a match against St Dunstan’s Year 9 B team. We left straight from school, when we arrived we did a small warm up with our Year 9 team, who were playing a match against the St Dunstan’s A team. In our first quarter we won 5-1, with great help from our attacking players. In our second quarter we were winning 9-3 due to great defending and strong teamwork. At halftime we had a team talk and decided that we would use channels in order to make it harder for the opposition to defend. In the third quarter we won again 12-5, the weather had now turned into heavier rain. Finally the last quarter came, and the court was getting very slippery however, we still managed to win 15-5.

Well done to the team (Lucy Tomlinson, Ruby Bell, Kareena Galley, Izzy Duncan, Amirah Mohammed, Jess Golden and Zoe Martial)

Report by Anna Larkin.



year 11 NetballOn Tuesday the 7th October the year 11 netball team headed out on what seemed like a sunny day to Hayes school for a netball tournament consisting of 9 schools. We all arrived in our brand new netball dresses and looked at what teams were in our pool: Hayes, Priory and Bullers Wood. We took the court to play Hayes which we thought would be tough. But we were very strong on the attack, scoring many goals in the first quarter. We kept this up in the second half playing confidently and managed to win our first game 11-1, only letting in one goal.

Next was Priory - a harder game but we weren’t phased which let us play to our full potential, working together as a team to beat Priory 7-3.

Finally was Bullers, a team we have played many times giving us an idea of their play, the final score of what was our toughest game was 3-1.

After a winning streak we were excited and nervous to play Colfe’s in the semi-finals as we know how skilled they are. But we were solid in defence gaining many interceptions and used our channels to bring the ball down the court in a controlled manner getting the ball to our shooters. After our determination the game was close at 2-1 but in the last few minutes we managed to secure our lead of 3-1 to gain a place in the final.

Everyone was nervous and wanted to win against Newstead a very tough team to beat. The ball went back and forth up the court scoring goals at each end leaving the score 3-3 at the end. An extra two minutes was added and it was down to the shooters to score and the defence to prevent any goals. Newstead scored a goal however we quickly reacted and just as the whistle blew, Summer our shooter took a successful shot however it was just after the whistle meaning Langley had lost 4-3 to Newstead Woods.

We were all a bit disheartened but we knew that we played our best game and were unfortunate with timing however we still came away feeling happy with 2nd.

Thanks to Miss Hamlett and the team

Summer (GS), Vicky (GA), Georgina (WA), Olivia.D (C), Megan (WD),
Bethany (GD) and special thanks to Izzy (GK) for filling in at the last minute.

Bethany Ellis 11ss




U13 Colfe’s hockey match Wednesday 30th September 2014

U13 Hockey 2014

When Colfes had arrived at LPGS we were all ready to start playing, we had to do the toss unfortunately they got first push back. As soon as the whistle went they started to put a lot of pressure on us and they scored their first goal so it started at 1-0 to Colfes. They were really good at putting the pressure on and scored another goal to make 2-0. We soon realised we actually needed one more player on the pitch so on came Jada and now we were playing. Following some great saves from Amalie O’Hare the score remained 2-0. At half time Miss Bush asked us to use the width more and be more supportive of our team mates. When the whistle blew again to start it we got a short corner and we knew this was our chance, Jess Golden did a lovely straight strike into the goal and took everyone by surprise so the score now is 2-1. This goal lifted up our spirits and we pushed really hard with some great runs down the wing from Rebecca Cooper but unfortunately we did not get another goal. End score was 2-1 to Colfes. We played a really good game well done.



U12 Stunning Hockey Debut 2nd October 2014

On Thursday 2nd October 2 year 7 teams travelled to Sydenham High school for their first match this year.

U12 Hockey

The first match saw Jasmine Hoad, Anna Murphy-O’Connor, Jodie Graham, Issy Hudson, Celia Tipton, Grace Duncan and Eloise Lake step on to the pitch. As you can see we had a strong team and we proved it through our 4-1 win with Jodie scoring the first goal for Langley in the first….. 2 minutes! The second goal for us was also scored by Jodie with the assist from me. Unfortunately the next goal was scored by Sydenham making it 2-1. The third goal was scored by Anna and the 4th by Jodie again, giving Langley a 4-1 win.

By Jasmine Hoad.




The second game had a team made up of Jess and Natalie Smithson, Grace Duncan, Jodie Graham, Emily Jacobs, Jasmine Hoad and Issy Hudson. We went for the attack from the start after cheering on the others and it worked really well. We won the game 5-0 with Jodie scoring 3 and Jess scoring 2. We also had some great defending from Jasmine and Issy, but the whole team played really well and were really pleased with the result.

By Jessica Smithson.



U12 Kent Schools Netball 26th March 2013

We arrived at Rainham School for Girls ready for a good day of netball matches. We played each game for ten minutes (5 minutes each way). Our first game was against Sutton Valance – we had never played them before so didn’t know what to expect. Unfortunately we lost 10 – 2. The next game was against Colfes, we always knew this would be a tough match, we lost 6 – 1. Next was against Chatham and Clarenden grammar. Unfortunately we lost 6 – 1. We were disappointed to lose three games in a row. It was probably because we were all nervous and the cold weather meant catching was hard. We had a team talk and our passing down the court, timing and marking all improved for the next match meaning we started to score more goals. The fourth game was against Wye school which we won 5 – 0. It was a much better match and this helped our confidence going into the next game. We then played Babington house, which we won again 8 – 2.  Our final match was against Blackheath High school. We played really well and won 9 – 2. Everything came together in the last three matches and we were looking good as a team.

The top 2 teams in each group went through to the next round as well as the next best 4 teams. We had a long and anxious wait to see if we got through as we had finished 3rd in our group. Unfortunately we were just beaten and didn’t get through.

We had a really good time and everyone played really well. Well done to the whole team; Martha Tyler, Chloe Quinn, Ruby Bell, Lucy Tomlinson, Zoe Martial, Anna Larkin, Kareena Galley, Jess Golden and Rachel Winbourne.

By Ruby Bell


Francesca lashed in a ferocious drive that stung the keeper’s hands! That signalled the first action of the Ravensbourne U13 Bromley football tournament. On a sun-kissed pitch our strong side of six year 8s and two year 7s were already testing the opposition. Some beautiful one touch football in the opposition half gave Rachel a final shot which clipped the post. Rachel then turned one player and ran at the defence, rifling a shot which the keeper pushed wide. Rachel turned provider and squared it but Megan's rising shot went over. Some more pressure finally ended in the final product with Rachel firing powerfully into the top corner. 1-0 vs Beaverwood.

U13 football tournament 13.3.14

In game two an early set piece from the kick off had Toni scampering onto Rachel's cross but she couldn't apply the finishing touch. Then a long ball from the keeper and Rachel swivelled tightly and fired in from 5 yards out. A flurry of chances in the 5th minute and Langley hit the bar twice from volleys thrashed in from distance and the keeper also coming to their rescue. In the dying seconds Francesca gambled on a through ball and slotted coolly under the on rushing keeper for our second win in two games. 2-0 to Langley.


Charles Darwin next, and some quick passes ended with Mia's through ball finding Rachel unmarked who finished at the second time of asking to take her tally to three goals for the tournament so far. 1-0.

A perfect three wins in three saw Langley cruise into the final having not conceded and feeling dominant.

The final kicked off against a strong Hayes team that Langley have previously played at U12 level. Some good passing lead to a couple of wayward shots that harmlessly trickled behind the Hayes goal. Francesca then sprinted free and angled her run towards the far post cutting her shot back across goal, the unfortunate incoming Hayes defender couldn't stop herself deflecting the ball into her own net! Fantastic start. We kept possession quite well thereafter and Rachel lashing a shot or two but didn't trouble the keeper overly. Then a few neat exchanges by Hayes at the edge of the box and there striker span and unleashed an arrow straight shot which nestled in the bottom corner of the Langley net. 1-1. The rest of a tight game played out without any further goals and so it came down to penalties. Yr7 and Crystal Palace shot stopper Bex took her place between the posts, hopping around on the goal line, a touch reminiscent of a certain Liverpool goalkeeper, Grobelaar, on a similarly fateful night in Rome, 1984. There was an uncertainty in the step of the Hayes striker as she stepped up for their first penalty, whether it was the pressure of the occasion or Bex's antics we'll never know but Bex parried the shot which took the wind right out of their sails. Langley kept their nerve and never looked back. Hayes failed to score a penalty. Langley girls really showing their mettle in such a high pressure situation, burying three of the four penalties they took to win the shoot-out.

The first silverware of the season for football at LPGS, with hopefully many more to follow.

Woman of the tournament – Ella Meehan – a towering performance throughout the group stage and indomitable at the back in the final.

Top Scorer – Rachel Yeldham


Bethany1 (1)

Bethany Ellis makes the cut


Following her successful trials for the Kent Netball U17 Academy last summer, and training in the Academy since September, Bethany has now been invited to train with the Kent County U17's Potential Academy, which is a move to the higher level.

Bethany is captain of the Year 10 Netball team here at Langley Park and her performances for the school have reinforced the talent this young lady has obviously shown to the Kent selectors. As a key member of the squad Bethany is solid in defence, motivational and committed to the team and her teammates. She also plays for local club Telstars who have remained unbeaten this season making them County champions and top of the regional league meaning they are off to National finals in May. I am sure Bethany emulates the qualities we see in her sport at school within her Kent and club involvement.

We are extremely proud of Bethany and have no doubt she will continue to impress with her Netball talent.


U13 Kent Netball Tournament 6th March 2014

We started off playing 6 matches against: Blackheath High (won 6-1), Bullers Wood (won 6-2), Chathnam and Clarenden Grammer School (lost 3-2), Maidstone Grammer (won 6-1), Rainham Mark Grammer (lost 8-2) and Trinity School Belvedere CE School (won 5-1). We only lost two out of those six. Our team was playing really well until we lost a match and everyone started blaming each other which was the wrong thing to do.  Miss Bush had a team talk with us and told us to pull it together. That team talk really had an impact on us because the next game everyone was encouraging each other instead of blaming each other.

Netball Year8 - Kent Schools 6.3.14

After all the games in the first round, we had to wait for the results to see if we were in the semi-finals. It came to a draw between us and another school and this means it can be down to goal average. The organisers said that the other school had scored more goals than us however Miss Bush didn’t think they were right so she went and had a chat with them and it turns out that we had a higher goal average by just 0.8. We were over the moon and shows how important every goal is.

We then played in the semi-finals against Kings College but we lost this game 4-7 which meant we had to go home. I think we played amazingly in our last match.

Although we do not know our exact position in the competition,  we do know that we are in the top 16 schools in Kent. There were 55 schools in the completion on the day so to come in the top 16 is a brilliant achievement.


I would like to say a very big well done to Millie Orlandini, Millie Thompson, Sophie , Lizzie , Courtnae , Yolanda , Lauran , and Lottie

Report by Drew Goold 8KL

Senior Netball LPGS V Dartford Grammar 12th February 2014

On Wednesday 12th of February, the LPGS senior netball team played Dartford Grammar School at home. Langley didn’t start as well as Dartford; we found ourselves a few steps behind and probably not marking as tightly as we should have done. 

senior netball feb 2014

Consequently, the score at the end of the first seven minutes was 5-1. After a brief team talk, we began the second quarter feeling clearer about how to best mark our players and remain in possession, and it worked! By the time the half time whistle blew, we had scored a further 6 goals and the score was now equal at 7 all.

After clawing back the score, we were reluctant to let Dartford claim the lead again and persisted throughout the third quarter and with only 7 minutes to go, the score was now 13-9 to Langley. Our great defenders continued to keep the ball out of their attacking end and every goal we shot was fortunately going in. Finally, the game was over and Langley was able to retain the lead. Not only did we retain it but we soared ahead in the final quarter to make the overall score 17-11.


Martha bounces to the top, again!

Martha Tyler 4Martha Tyler represented Langley Park in the South Regional schools trampoline competition after qualifying earlier this year.

In spite of a broken finger, Martha performed a brilliant routine and secured her spot in the National finals by finishing in 1st place.

The National finals will take place in Gateshead on Saturday 22nd March and we wish Martha all the best for the event.



Under 14 Football LPGS V Priory

A fast and furious start saw Langley create 3 goal scoring chances in quick succession. Gracie twice the benefactor rifled powerful shots at the priory keeper who stood firm. Her second chance came from a Cansu exquisite back heel and Gracie twisted to fire in a shot - saved. Next a corner floated in by year 7 Mia, showed why she had been selected to represent the U14s, and the keeper flapped at the ball as it dropped into a mass of pink and blue shirts but unfortunately the goal line scramble was cleared. The clearance fell to the assured defender Ella who blasted in a shot from half way which put us one up! Langley then conceded a free kick, soon after the restart, and up stepped Priory's England trialist (!) who fired in the set piece to draw them level. Langley never let their heads drop and two more corners from Mia helped us rightfully take the lead once again. The first was bundled in by Rachel and further pressure from Rachel made the keeper spill the second into her own net.

under14Feb14Second half underway and with a throw in that fell to Mia, she managed to turn one player let the ball roll onto her right foot and powered a drive past the keeper 4-1!

We did our best to contain their star player but some fortunate, and admittedly some excellent, efforts meant Priory managed to haul the deficit back and draw level 4-4.

Bex made a number of admirable saves, another year 7 playing in the U14 match, who showed a lot of promise which bodes well for our team's future. One save coming of a rasping shot from the aspiring England international playing for Priory.

At the back Yolanda finished the game as she started, strong and unforgiving, putting her body on the line to block some ferocious shots and limited Priory to very few chances. Mentions also to the tenaious Megan and Daisy who always worked hard for the team breaking up the opposition play.

The game ended with Cansu trying one from distance which flew just wide. A tough end to a game we dominated. This was the team’s first game together though so we gelled well as a unit with goals coming from all over the pitch.

Well done Langley!

Woman of the Match – Mia Quintero (one goal, two assists and tireless in the middle of the park)

Mr Maisey

Year 7 & 8 Sports Hall Athletics success

sports hall athletics1Following on from the success of last year the Langley teams were up for the challenge of the Bromley borough qualifiers, held on 22nd January. The girls had shown their dedication to the event by training on Thursday mornings before school and it obviously paid off.

The girls from year 7 and 8 competed against 7 other secondary schools from across Bromley. The year 8 team showed that they were back to retain their title, winning the competition by 60 points and the year 7 team followed suit securing the win with strong performance in the track events.

Both team will now go to the London regional rounds where they will compete against other London boroughs in a hope to qualify for the finals of the London Youth Games in April.

A massive well done to the girls involved:
Year 7
Martha Tyler
Izzie Atack
Abby Ashworth
Karina Galley
Lucy Tomlinson
Ruby Bell
Olivia Davies
Libby Cheeseman
Year 8
Sophie Graham
Anthonia Eweje
Rachel Yeldham
Millie Thompson
Olivia Garvin
Eloise Locke
Chloe McPherson
Lauren Bowry
sports hall athletics2 sports hall athletics3

Under 15 Netball LPGS V Colfes 28th January 2014

On Tuesday 28th of January, the U15 netball team headed of to Colfes school. After a long drive we arrived at Colfes, the weather was miserable and after a while of deliberating whether it is safe to play or not, we decided to go ahead and play to the best of our ability. We played 2 half’s 7 minutes each way.

We eventually took to the courts for a quick warm up where we unfortunately lost the toss, which meant that colfes had the first center pass. We all took to our positions, Millie (GK), Bethany (GD), Megan (WD), Akina (C), Olivia (WA), Vicky (GA) and Summer (GS) and the match was underway.

Despite the weather getting worse, the whole team played excellently and we managed to score 6 goals in the first half. Our defence was solid and they managed to prevent Colfes from scoring anything. With good passing up the court the first half ended at 6-0 to Langley.

After a quick half time team talk, we went straight in to the second half, everyone was freezing but we had plenty of enthusiasm which then led us to play very well, dodging and intercepting at every chance. Using all the channels we got the ball to the shooters, were they managed to score 5 goals. Our defence was solid throughout the match, which then resulted in the final score being 11-0 to Langley.

Well played Langley, and thank you to Miss Hamlet.

Victoria Dagwell 10SS

Under 15 LPGS v Bishop Justus, 24th January 2014

On Friday afternoon eight of us Langley girls headed out to Bishop Justus to play our first match of 2014!

After some confusion as to who was the hosting the match, we eventually took to the courts for a warm up where we won the toss, and chose the first centre pass. Soon the game was underway and we secured our first centre with an important goal. During the first half we started to pull away by a few goals. Our attack was working well up the court scoring 7 goals in the first half and the defence managed to prevent Bishop Justus from scoring anything, ending the first half as 7-0 to Langley.

We had plenty of optimism for the next quarter and set ourselves a team target of doubling our goals scored. We started off a bit shaky giving them a few chances to score but soon pulled it back, slowing the pace down a little, intercepting many balls and dodging quickly to bring the ball down to our shooters who were on point with their shots. Our defence was solid again resulting in the final score 14 -0 to Langley which meant we met our target of doubling our goals and keeping the other team from scoring.

Thanks to Miss Hamlet and the girls:

Summer, Chloe, Vicky, Georgina, Akina, Megan, Bethany and Millie.

Bethany Ellis 10SS


Year 8 Netball LPGS vs Colfes  23rd January 2014

We always knew this would be a hard match so we went ready to play our best. Personally I think that we played very well but we made some silly mistakes during the match. One of our main mistakes was that when we were taking back line or side line passes, instead of the player putting the ball down, we handed it to another player on the team. The result of this was a short pass which means the opponents gets the ball.  The most frustrating thing was that while we were waiting for Colfes to get to the sports hall, Miss Kenyon had just told us what we had to do in that situation. The other thing we could have improved on is our marking because some of our team were behind their players and not in front which made it hard to get an interception.

Other than that we played well as when we were marking we stretched over the ball and put our hands up so our opponents could not see past us and didn’t know who to pass to. Our shooters did well, they took their time and focussed, if they missed they would just have another go and they would always go for the rebound.

Overall it was a good game and we know what we have to do next time to win.

Report by Drew Goold 8KL

Under 14 Netball LPGS V Newstead Woods 10th December 2013

Netball LPGS V NewsteadWe travelled to Newstead to play this match. It was a very cold afternoon and it was raining so we knew it was going to be hard to play in these conditions.

In the first quarter, we didn’t work well as a unit and quite a lot of the time Newstead had possession of the ball. We did not create much space and started to follow the ball a bit. At the end of the 1st quarter the score was Newstead-4 Langley-2.

In the second quarter we let Newstead continue with their free run and did not chase the loose balls, we also had slow reactions. We did, however, start to drop fewer balls and our passes were predominantly flat - meaning Newstead struggled to intercept them. The score at the end of the 2nd quarter was Newstead-10 Langley-6.

In the third quarter, we allowed them to score 6 goals and we did not score as many as we should have. As a unit - the team weren't gelling and the ball wasn't travelling to the shooters well. We made lots of interceptions but gave the ball away quickly when we did. We had stopped giving away free passes for the basics (footwork, obstruction etc). The score at the end of the 3rd quarter was Newstead-15 Langley-9.

In the last quarter, we stuck to our players and made good moves on the centre passes. However we did not, like most of the game, use many channels which would have got the ball from one end of the court to the other much quicker. We also did not have a balanced circle. Unfortunately, Newstead had scored more goals and had beaten us. The final score was Newstead-19 Langley-10.

We have lots of things to work on in practices now and we know we can do a lot better. Our training has been going well and now we just need to put it into practice.

By Katie Clarkson

Under 13 Netball LPGS V Newstead Woods 10th December 2013

First we lost the toss but Courtney and Sophie (shooters) quickly decided which way we wanted to shoot.

The first quarter started off quite well for Langley girls, Sophie and Courtney scored 2 goals but Newstead came fighting back scoring 4 goals.

After a team talk Langley went into the second quarter with determination! Even though we tried our best scoring two goals Newstead showed strength scoring another 6 goals leaving the score 10-2 to Newstead.

The next quarter was a very challenging quarter but Langley girls wouldn't give up, we weren't going to let the score bring us down!! The score at the end of this quarter was 17-3.

Netball Dec

One last discussion with Miss Hamlet for the last quarter definitely benefited us because Drew, Millie O, Millie T and Lizzie defended strongly. One last determined push got Langley 1 more goal with Newstead only getting 4 so the end result was 21-4 which wasn't what we wanted but we never let our heads go down and it has shown us what we need to work on in the future!

Congratulations to Drew who got player of the match.
Well played Langley netball team!

Lucy Brook 8LB

Year 7 5-a-side football tournament 2nd December 2013

In only their second outing as a team, Langley got off to a cracking start. A long drive from Mia Q was spilled by the Beaverwood keeper and then latched onto by Megan who finished coolly from the edge of the area. Another rasping drive from Mia Q was deflected wide. Langley's pressing game gave the opposition little time to create anything. Ella tried one more from distance which unfortunately whistled narrowly wide of the top corner and it finished 1-0 Langley, fantastic start. Game two pitted us against local rivals Hayes with both teams fielding players from the Crystal Palace youth system. Two cracking goals from the Hayes centre forward rattled us and we didn't quite manage to recover, 2-0 to Hayes.

photo dec team In our third game of the chilly December evening, two fantastic shots from Ella and Mia Q tested the keepers hands but she stood firm and we couldn't break them down - 0-0 against Priory. Making her defensive debut for the school Daisy was growing in stature each game and she marshalled our back line in game four exceptionally well with some tough tackling and crucial clearances. Charles Darwin weren't able to get past the solid Amelia and Daisy and we closed out a second goalless draw. The Colfes team were to be our next opponents and in a switch to use keeper Bex outfield, we rotated our goalie. While we felt the benefit of accomplished player Bex provided the extra cut and thrust in attack our fledgling keepers struggled and we fell to a 3-1 defeat - Ella able to net a consolation.

A tough competition so far and yet the team were determined to give their final game all they had. Ravensbourne duly stepped up and provided some stiff competition battling hard for possession. Ella fired one in, missing the top corner by inches. Ravensbourne came back at us and earned a free kick close to the edge of our area and in an unusual approach the team packed the wall with everyone to block the free kick! Fortunately the danger was spotted when Ravensbourne squared the ball to unmarked players and we were out quick to close down the shot. After half time and switching ends LPGS had a kick-in just over half way. Excellent vision from Ella who sprayed it wide to Mia who then reversed it to Bex to finish from the edge of the box - GOAL! This was more like the Langley we knew. Shortly after, Mia again acting provider, demonstrated quick feet and laid it off to Ella who ran on to the pass and curled one into the bottom corner. Ravensbourne picked up a late one but we were in control and weren't tested again. 2-1 to finish. W2 D2 L2 - the team once again doing our school proud in their conduct, behaviour and attitude.

Well done LPGS.

Top Scorer – Ella Slater
Woman of the Tournament – Daisy Dowling


U14’s Netball LPGS V Charles Darwin 21st November 2013

The game started with Katie (C) Sophie (WA) Nat (GA) Phoebe (GS) India (WD) Izzie (GD) Charlotte (GK).  The weather was freezing.

Izzie was the Captain and won the toss and despite our confident mood, it was a shaky start by Langley. Our passing was not to the best of our ability but fortunately we got the first important goal.  Most goals went with turnovers, and the first quarter was fairly even.

The second quarter was a better start for us, India intercepted Charles Darwin’s centre pass and Langley moved the ball down the court using channels and into the D.  Langley’s lead did increase in this quarter but we could have been even further ahead if a few more balls had gone into the hoop.  We could have driven forward more to prevent overhead loopy passes which are more easily intercepted.

In the third quarter the weather changed for the worse, it was very wet and cold. This made it harder to dodge and catch. In addition to this it was very windy which affected both passing and shooting.  Despite this we managed to maintain our lead.  Langley did well in the centre court picking up any loose balls.  We still managed to hang onto our lead but there were a few missed opportunities.

Lastly the final quarter, again we did well in the centre court still managing to pick up loose balls.  Whenever Langley was struggling to get the ball into the D, Izzie and India were always backing up.  We were all determine not to lose the lead, in the last quarter.  In the end we won.

Langley 10  - Charles Darwin 6.

Match report by Sophie Thornton

Senior Netball match 20th November 2013 - LPGS V Hayes

On Wednesday 20th November 2013, the senior netball team played in an intense match against Hayes. Going into the match, we were all nervous about the game due to previous defeats.  After losing the toss, Hayes chose first centre pass, which gave us the incentive that we were going to have to work even harder to gain possession. Hayes scored from the first centre pass, but then accurate shooting from our Goal Shooter Ashleigh Leah brought us level.  Throughout that quarter, Emily Grant and Emma Smith made some good interceptions that gave us the opportunity to counterattack. Our team made good passes and created enough space for us to dodge and intercept, however because of the fast pace of the match, we ended the first quarter trailing behind as the score was 3-1 to Hayes.

After a team discussion and getting feedback from our coach Miss Kenyon and players on the sideline, we knew what we had to work on going into the second quarter. In general we made stronger passes, with great communication in the centre third from the Wing Defence, Wing Attack and Centre. Working well together in our attacking goal third, Sarah Baldon and Ashleigh managed to pull through, gaining two goals. Although the2 goals were a great contribution, we were still losing with a score of 8-3 at the end of the second quarter.

Following the coaches talk with the team, Miss Kenyon made a substitution, bringing on Georgia Lockstone as Goal Keeper.2_c You could see a real change in the Langley girls’ attitude in the third quarter. We were motivated like never before and after our Goal Attack, Sarah converted a penalty to a goal, this brought the score to 8-4. There were slick passes from Sarah and Emily, and the team encountered good interceptions. Langley were raring to go, closing the gap by pulling out all the stops and had 4 shots on target by Sarah and Ashleigh. With the score being 8-8 Hayes went ahead by 10 goals to 8, but was prevented from scoring anymore due to an exceptional performance from our Goal Defence Georgia Baker.

Moving onto the most intense quarter of the match, the final 7 minutes- the countdown began. Langley were sticking tight to their players, but Hayes broke through making the score 11-8. But that did not stop Langley, with high spirits and precise shooting from our shooters, the score levelled out to 11-11. Once the score was 12-12, both teams were determined to be victorious. Going into the last minute of the match, the ball was in Hayes’s attacking third, but waiting for the right moment, Georgia Baker drove forward and made an outstanding interception.  The ball worked its way back up court, with timed dodging from Megan Moloney, who then passed to Emily G who was in the centre third. Emily passed to Emma, and then with a quick pass to Sarah in the D, she managed to score within the last 10 seconds, making Langley Park School for Girls victorious.

Final score – 13-12 to Langley

Emma Smith 13M

Year 7 Netball - LPGS V Darrick Wood 19th November 2013

OnTuesday the 19th of November, the year 7 team played a netball match against Darrick Wood. The smaller court made us think about our space and spread out more. The slippery floor got us jumping and landing strongly otherwise we slid over and lost the ball. We won the match 16-4 however it was the first time they have played as a team so four goals for them is a good success.

A big well done to the whole team and especially to Ruby, Jess and Ellie our amazing shooters scoring 16 goals between them! We all really enjoyed the game and would like to thank Miss Bush for taking us and for putting up with “it’s too cold” and “can we go inside the tracksuits haven’t been delivered yet”, all throughout training. Thank you.

Year 7 Hockey  LPGS vs. Hayes 14th November 2013
Langley 1 – Hayes 0

hockeyThis was our first competitive match and it was against our close rivals, Hayes.

We were all quite nervous and very excited, however, we wanted to show our team manager Miss Hamlett, what we could do. We managed successfully to string some good passes together and with Jess Golden scoring in the first half, we were off to a rolling start. We had another chance to score and Rebecca made a great pass to Abby but Hayes put in a timely tackle in the ‘D’ to dispossess her.

Hayes then took possession and created several chances to score but because our defence worked hard, Lucy, Faye and Megan in goal successfully kept out some shots to keep us leading at the half way point.

Miss Hamlett encouraged and motivated us all at half time and helped us by giving individual feedback – but she also pointed out that we needed to make better use of the wings because much of our play, including the hit outs – were too central and were being easily intercepted by the Hayes attack. We also realised that we were being a little quiet on the pitch and needed to communicate to our team if we were going to be in a good position to receive the ball. Miss Hamlett also said that she wanted us to pretend that we were 2-0 down and so we would need to try extra hard in the second half!

During the last twenty minutes, Hayes put us under a lot of pressure. We struggled to move the ball outside of our own defensive half and a couple of the Hayes attacking players demonstrated their creative and masterly stick skills. We struggled to get a shot in let alone score another goal. There were two minutes to go and they were awarded a free hit in the danger zone close to the goal. A shot was made but fortunately Megan’s reaction in goal were swift and accurate and we maintained our 1-0 lead.

Our team spirit was clear to see and Miss Hamlett applauded our resilience. I was really proud of the team’s performance. Having won our first match, we returned to school really happy.

Match report by Jess Golden

Kent Schools netball tournament 13th November

It all started at 8.00 in the morning on Wednesday 13th of November. We all arrived at school ready for the day ahead. After a long, loud and vocal coach journey, we arrived nervous but raring to start. We started by dumping our bags in the changing rooms and after a team talk we headed outside to start warming up.  For the first round, each game was in halves lasting 5 minutes each. Once warm we sorted out positions and quickly walked onto the court, ready for the first match.

Dartford Grammar school

This game was Lost 4-3, considering this was our first match passes were good and foot work was steady. We should have slowed the game down as we were adjusting to the opposite teams speed. If we had used channels play would have been better as it spaces everyone out a lot more and gives a better chance to losing our defender and receiving the ball.

Rainham Mark Grammar School

This game was won 9-5, we took on points that Miss Kenyon gave us about slowing down the game and everyone played calmer. Passes weren’t as strong but defence and attack roles were carried out well and full of energy. Channels were used more and it helped the game play a lot.

Canterbury Academy

This game was won 7-0. This game was probably the best game for our intercepts. We had strong grabs and high jumps when defending our players; also we had steady feet for landing the jumps. However, the game started to speed up gradually, resulting in Katie landing in side splits, still hanging onto the ball! After getting onto her feet again, she was playing as good as usual, despite the gymnastics display!

Bexley Grammar School

This game was lost 3-4. It started okay, but once we realised we needed to step up our game, we started getting panicky and sped up the game, meaning our passes weren’t as strong as they could be. However we kept going throughout it all and kept communicating with one another.

Overall Langley came 2nd in round 1 which meant we went into the top pool in round 2.

Round 2, 6minutes each way

Highworth grammar school

Lost this game 4-5. Passes were getting better and we started picking up our game more, due to our last game. We managed to get the ball down the shooters end, but their defences were very strong. Overall the game was energetic and tiring.

Walthamstow Hall

We lost this game 8-3. This match started off to not a great start, as we played quickly meaning our passes were soft and loopy due to not taking time to balance, but after half time we became a lot stronger and more focused. We weren’t very spread out as we didn’t really use channels.

Colfe’s school

We lost 5-7, however this was our best played match that day, this is because we played at a steady speed and included strong passes and good defence skills, for example pushing shooters out of the scoring D so they don’t have a chance of shooting or jumping for the rebound. Our communications were good and helpful to one another as team mates. Shooters and keepers make good effort high jumps for the rebounds.

Tonbridge School

We lost 18-2. This was the toughest match of the day; this team were very fast and strong. Langley kept playing throughout (even though some of us felt much worn out). This game was very hard to slow down, therefore when we had the ball it was tricky to keep calm. Not as much intercepts were made but we kept talking to one another to help our game.

Sutton Valence School

Lost 11-0. This final game was also a very rapid match. Even though we had strong passes and good rebound jumps there wasn’t much concentration and channels being used. The play was quite weak, but luckily we played as hard as we could until the end.

Langley has improved a lot since last year and over all we came 11th out of 32 schools competing. It was a really good day and overall we played as well as we could of and took on all the tips that were given. Hopefully next year we can be even more successful!

Well done girls!!
Izzy Lovie 9SK

Y7 Netball 7th November LPGS V Colfe's

Well done to all the girls who took part in the match against Colfe’s. It was a hard match and Colfe’s won 14-2. There were two lovely goals by Ruby Bell and Jess Golden. We had a good start each time by Captain Lucy Tomlinson playing centre. Rachel and America showed great in defence. We had great wings in Martha Tyler, Lauren Crabtree and Karina. All together as a team we could not have been better. We made some lovely interceptions. Colfe’s had had a team brought up from Primary and they have been a team for 5 years. We have only been together for a few weeks, so as a team we are getting there.

The main thing that we kept getting wrong, was playing really quickly and Ms Bush told us to slow down a little. As they were playing so fast we thought we should as well and this meant our accuracy went out of the window. Overall a very good game.

Lucy Tomlinson 7SH

Year 8 netball 24th October 2013

Unfortunately Priory won the toss for the first Centre but Langley weren't going to let this stop them!

The first 6 minutes started slowly but soon the team were back to how they were last year, fast and fierce! 2 goals in the first quarter from Sophie and Courtney left everyone feeling confident for the next quarter. Another 2 goals straight in, Courtney and Sophie rebounding every shot meant Priory didn't have much of a chance! Amazing defending from the twins Millie and Lizzie meant that Priory had not scored yet and weren't going to.

Netball Yr8

For the 3rd quarter everyone was getting a bit tired but no one gave up ! Amazing shooting from Yolanda meant another 2 goals this brought us to 6. Lauren had just been brought back on - after being reminded we were playing netball not rugby she was back to her normal self , catching every ball.

So the final quarter had come, back onto the court and after the advice from Miss Kenyon, Polly, Megan and Emma everyone was ready to prove what we can do.  Lucy and Lottie were making some amazing passes down the court however the next goal was defended.

The final whistle blew and it was a 6-0 win for the Langley girls. A quick team talk form Miss Kenyon, Polly, Megan and Emma followed by a team photo and the match was over! An amazing match well done girls.

By Millie Orlandini

Year 7 Netball tournament 21st October

Monday 21st October the new Year 7 team starred in its first netball tournament. This took place at Bishop Justice School and teams from all over South East London and Kent competed.

Out first match was against Bishop Justice and we were all nervous and excited. Things went well from the start, the whole team played excellently and we were all delighted to win 7-0. Our confidence grew and helped us against Beaverwood as we succeeded in winning 3-1. Our next match was against Newstead Wood which we knew was going to be ther toughest game for us and although we played as well as we could, we were unfortunately beaten 3-1.

We qualified for the semi-finals against Bullers Wood. Determined not to lose again, the whole team put in a strong performance and we were delighted to win 6-0. Then came the final against our rivals Newstead Wood. It was a close match and although we played to the best of our ability, we sadly lost 5-3. We were disappointed not to win but proud of ourselves to have done so well in our first tournament. 

LPGS Under 14’s Borough Netball tournament report 15th October

On Tuesday 15th of October, the Langley U14’s netball team attended the annual borough tournament. This was our first match back of the 2013/14 season and our first game back as a team. We were all extremely excited but also a little nervous to see all of the teams we were up against.

Our first game was against Priory. Our tactics were all over the place and our game was rushed. It wasn’t looking good. Fortunately we managed to pull a few goals out of nowhere and won 5-1, but no one was impressed with our performances.  In our break we went over everything that needed improving if we wanted to make the semi-finals, or at least win our next match.

In our second game we played Newstead Woods. We knew what we were up against and we needed to raise the level of play. We slowed our game down a little so we had control but it still wasn’t brilliant like last season. Our play was a little better, but we lost 4-2.

Our next three games were one after the other and the first one was against Colfes. We knew exactly what to expect. In the first 4 minutes we looked like a different team, and most of the play was in our opponent’s goal third. It was a completely different game for us, but the last two minutes let us down. Colfes quickly slipped 4 goals past the defense and we’d lost another game 4-0. Nobody was happy with our performances, but it looked more promising than before.

Our penultimate game was against Charles Darwin. We continued to play better as a team, which resulted in a 6-2 win. Overall we were playing better and communicating more as a team.

It was our last match. Bromley High B team was equally as good as any of the A teams. We worked our hardest seeing that it was our last match and it was very even in terms of play. The Langley team won 2-1 and although we just missed out on the semi-finals we were very close. We know what we need to improve on for future matches and look forward to the rest of the season.

India Taylor 9GW


6th Form Boys Football Team V St Gregory's 4th October

Boys celebrate first win of the season! LPGS 1 - 0 St Gregory's

On Wednesday 4th October, LPGS sixth form boy’s football team won their first game of the season against St Gregory’s.

From the minute the first whistle blew, the boy’s put in 100% effort and showed their determination to win. A foul on Richard in the first half right inside the box gave Langley a penalty. It was taken by Louis but unfortunately went wide. Some excellent play within the midfield from Montel, Charlie and Louis sent Kyle on a run; he beat three players but didn’t manage to slot it in as it deflected of a St Gregory’s player’s foot. Nathaniel made some great runs down the line but no one managed to get on the end of his crosses.

Boys_footballAs St Gregory’s were on the counter attack, the defence; Bola, Simon, Michael and Josh worked superbly well together to ensure that Langley didn’t concede.

The second half began and the team had a new tactic- shoot from outside the box and it served them well. Louis went on to score a wonder goal from just inside the 18 yard box, which put the boys in front and up by 1-0. The boys continued to push forward but were unable to finish. Lawrence and Benny showed their ability and flare when they came on in the second half, impressing all the supporters. Keeper Senthu kept on working hard to keep the boys in the game. An amazing recovery came from CJ, as he cleared the ball on the goal line, preventing St Gregory’s from scoring an equaliser.

The team: Kyle, Richard, Montel, Joshua, Louis, Charlie, Nathaniel, Bola, Michael, CJ, Senthu, Simon, Benny and Lawrence.
Man of the match: CJ



Goals for 19, goals against 1! What a performance from our fledgling Year 7 football team. Coaches Maisey and Boden selected seven players who had stepped up from the primary school youth system to represent LPGS and they were magnificent.

Y7 Football teamFirst game and the team was straight out of the blocks and Mia Fallon, Mia Quinton, Imogen Shaw and Megan Schofield all weighed in with goals to put us 6-0 to the good against Beaverwood. Next came Bullers Wood, and, after doing her stint on the bench, Ella Slater came on and bossed the midfield grabbing a brace of goals in the process. Mia Quinton also showing her prowess, netting her second in as many games, in a 3-0, triumph over Bullers Wood. The team was really starting to work together now and started to show elements of the tiki-taka football so-beloved of the coaching staff. Charles Darwin's A team were the next to fall to the Langley sword. Ella's drive from range and a bullish ‘smash-and-grab’ hat-trick from Imogen swept aside any resistance. 4-0!

And Imogen was again influential in game four against Ravensbourne, when the difference between two well-matched sides was her double to make it 2-0. The team was working well to provide the openings, and assists came from all over the pitch. Game 5 against Hayes brought some old rivalries to the fore and some strong challenges certainly showed the touch paper had been well and truly lit! Both teams showed determination to win what would prove to be a grudge match. Just four minutes in, and a break from inside their own half saw Hayes race towards the Langley end and net the opening goal. Keeper, and captain, Bex Cooper had twice saved in spectacular fashion to prevent the team from conceding in previous games, but she could do nothing to stop this effort. There followed some stern words from the captain to try and ensure a response and Langley came straight back at Hayes. LPGS gradually forced back a very good Hayes side and they were eventually defending raggedly. A final push and goal-line scramble and we thought we had the ball over the line! But the referee waved away Langley appeals and blew for time. If ever there had been a case for goal line technology, this was it! Our one and only defeat so far.

The team regrouped for a final game against the Charles Darwin B team in which some clinical finishing from the prolific Imogen, and another indomitable performance from Ella (both girls grabbed two goals) saw the B team go the way of the A team, 4-0 to Langley. So come the tournament's end we had played 6, won 5 and lost 1 which left us runners-up to Hayes. An excellent first tournament by the newly-formed squad and a promising future lies ahead. Well done every player.

Mr Maisey

This report was written in the style of sports journalism – can you pick out the details?

Literacy and comprehension quiz

  1. How many goals did Ella score in the game against Bullers Wood?
  2. What was the final score against Beaverwood?
  3. Was Ella’s goal against Charles Darwin A team from a) far away or b) close up?
  4. Which phrase best describes the game against Hayes a) weakly contested or b) hard fought?
  5. Imogen was described as ‘prolific’. What did she do a lot of that made her ‘prolific’?
  6. How many of the team scored against Beaverwood?
  7. Why has the phrase tiki-taka been italicised?



  1. 2
  2. 6-0
  3. a)
  4. b)
  5. scored goals
  6. 4
  7. It is a foreign phrase (Spanish or Catalan)