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The National Young Mathematicians' Awards

On the Thursday 8th November a Year 8 team entered the first round of the National Young Mathematicians' Awards. The team members were Claire S, Anna M, Sopie P and Sophie S. I am pleased to confirm that LPGS has made it to the Regional Final on Thursday 6th December!

The judges feedback: “We were really impressed with their team work skills in both the competition and the feedback session, it was lovely to see them allowing each other to speak, further demonstrating their excellent team work. On top of this they presented us with systematic workings out which demonstrated the logical and practical thinking needed in this challenge. Moving into the Regional Final, we would like to see the girls improve on their time management skills, always making sure they have one eye on the clock.”

LPGS student Claire said: “I think the afternoon was a great challenge and really fun. We worked together really well as a team and enjoyed ourselves. Some of the problems were quite challenging, but we all helped each other and tried our best to get them all done. We were a bit short of time but made up for it at the end. It was really entertaining and I had so much fun...although my favourite part was the biscuits! It was a really good experience and I can't wait to see how we do in the Regional Finals.”

We will keep you posted on the outcome of the Regional Final!

Mr I Saumtally

National Young Maths Award


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