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November Means Movember!

Movember is a once a year charity, designed to promote awareness of cancers that especially affect men (specifically prostate, testicular cancer) and raise awareness of mental health issues in men.

Last year, a selection of male staff from LPGS raised £2155 for the charity – a full £600 more than the target they set themselves. They would like to smash that if possible.

The instructions for any parents who would like to join the cause are as follows:

  1. Sign up on the Movember website https://uk.movember.com/?home
  2. Write a little blurb for why you are taking part, perhaps add some photos
  3. Search for the LPGS Mo Bro’s team
  4. Link yourself to the LPGS Mo Bro’s page here.
  5. Download the Movember app on your phone.
  6. Start the 1st November with a clean fresh shave, and then grow a moustache in the style of your choosing over the next four weeks.
  7. Ask for donations from friends, families, and acquaintances all of which can be done via the website or app.
  8. Take photos of your moustache over the 4 weeks to update people.
  9. People who donate can then choose to donate to you as an individual or to the team

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