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Sports Day 2018

This week had seen some of the hottest days of the year but with a cooler start to Wednesday the conditions were perfect for the athletes taking part in Sports Day 2018.

Expectations were high for Sigma who entered this years competition having won 3 out of the last 4 sports days and taking the double last year (inter-sports and sports day). Could they maintain their winning form or might Gamma who were only 3 points behind last year steal their crown? With Gamma blocking them from their 3 year winning streak in 2016 there was no love lost between these two teams.

sports day 2018 1

This was by no means a two horse race with both Kappa and Lambda both training hard to take as many points as possible throughout the day. Although Kappa hadn’t had a win since 2013 they were hungry to reclaim their former glory and Lambda, considered the underdogs by many have been quietly closing the gap over the last 2 years, could they cause an upset…

By 8:00am Norman Park was already a hive of activity as the sports department set up the spectator pens and the music department hoisted their equipment for the samba performances to be performed throughout the day. This year saw Mr Maisey taking prime position as commentator. With gems such as “if she had run a bit faster, she would have won” and “there is no ‘i’ in team, but there is in athletics”,  surely he has earned himself a permanent position for future sports days.

The first of the athletes started to arrive by 8:30am, eager to claim their spot and settle before their event. Bags were brimming with food, faces were painted and shirts decorated. It wasn’t long before the pens were a sea of red, blue, green and yellow.

The sports department led a lively warm up before the events kicked off with the 80m hurdles and discus. The year 7s proved to have some talent coming through the ranks with E Algeo taking gold with an impressive time of 14.87 secs, this was just short of the best time of the day from M During (Y9) who sailed over the line at 14.12 secs. With both girls running for Kappa this was a good start to the day for the blues, could they keep it up? In the discus I Brown threw an impressive 13.5m which is the third best throw recorded for a year 7 ever and F Robinson acheived the second highest year 8 throw  with 17.70m. With 2 more years of competition left Robinson looks like one to watch. T Edmonds broke the 20 metre mark with her throw of 20.90m but this was shy of K Galley’s 2016 record throw of 32 metres.

sports day 2018 3

After the hurdles results were processed Kappa led the pack with Sigma not far behind. This was looking to be a close race! Could Kappa hold on or were Sigma just warming up. With less then 30 points separating 1st and 4th place no one was safe.

At the north end of the field long jumpers were experiencing perfect beach weather whilst hurling themselves into the sand. A record number of jumpers broke the 2.5m mark but no record breaking jumps. With Kappa taking 3 of the 4 golds up for grabs were they about to start breaking away from the pack…

sports day 2018 2

The Y7 and Y8, 800m runners set out at quite the pace, surely they couldn’t maintain this, true enough by the final 100m some runners had run out of steam a little too early but Lambda managed to get their first gold on the board with an impressive run by H Garcia in year 8. Kappa failed to get any golds in this event giving the other teams the opportunity to close the gap. Our best 800m time of the day went to current year 9 record holder N Milmo who dipped across the line at 2.48.53 secs.

The 200m saw another current record holder take to the track with year 8 student J Markovicova get a sports day PB of 29.68 secs, beating her year 7 record of 30.44 secs. In the year 10 race it was a photo finish with J Eweje and R Singh recording times of 30.47 secs and 30.78 times respectively.

Kappa had lost their lead by 11.00am with Gamma just 7 points ahead and the following pack within striking distance.

Before the midday heat kicked in the longest individual track race was started – the 400m. J Graham paced herself wonderfully for a comfortable win in the year 10 race whilst year 7s B Thomas (Sigma) and G Kendrick (Kappa) battled it out to the end with just 0.4 of a second separating them.

With the sun still beating down the last thing people wanted to do was to put more clothes on but that is what the next racers had to do in the clothing relay. Hats, scarves and skirts were thrown on whilst trying to navigate their lanes. K Creasy and S Lake both took the gold for Lambda helping them stay in the running.

sports day 2018 8

Although Kappa and Sigma seemed to be taking most of the golds, Gamma were moving up the ranking with lots of 3rd and 4th places putting them in a close 3rd behind Sigma at the halfway point. Kappa had been in this position many times before, could they maintain their current position. 10KC were struggling to enter athletes for events, would this let the team down?

In the afternoon all eyes were on the high jump as keen Y10 high jumper L Findley kept raising the bar, successfully sliding over 1.45 metres to take the gold for Kappa and 2014 year 10 record, Findley currently holds the Y7 – Y10 records for this event, something no other athlete has achieved in any other event. She needs to watch out though, as there is some great talent coming through the ranks with M During matching her 1.45 jump in the Y9 round locking away another gold for Kappa, in fact Kappa took all 4 golds in the hjgh jump with C Olumba  and T Esan both jumping 1.3m for year 7 and year 8 respectively.

sports day 2018 4

The Paarlauf brought about the normal quizzical expressions, paar-what, paar-who, whats a paarlauf? (It’s a relay involving 2 or more people per team. Each member takes it in turn running. Teams must run around the track multiple times, in this case 6 times). Year 10 managed this in a joint record time of 5mins 53secs.

The 3 legged relay requires flawless co-ordination and 9KD managed to race around the track like a well oiled machine, finishing over 8 seconds faster than any other team. There was also some strong welly wanging happening on the field with 3 of the 4 gold medals going to Lambda but it was year 9, E Hayden-Payne who had the furthest 'wang' of the day with a huge throw of 16.5m.

With only 4 events left the sprinters took to the track for the 100m. It was their first LPGS sports day and the year 7 competitors had a steely glare in their eyes they waited at the start line before storming down the straight. With only one record broken so far today was there the talent to break the record that has stood for 7 years? It was a close finish with a little over half a second separating positions 1st – 3rd. It was S Drayton-Horne who dipped past the others with a new year 7 record of 13.08 secs which was in fact the fastest time of the day, even beating out the more experienced year 10s! We look forward to seeing what Drayton-Horne does in 2019.

The high anticipated 4x100 relay rounded off the track events, legs were weary and the heat was taking it toll. In the year 7 race Gamma, Sigma and Kappa came down the final straight together, Sigma and Gamma inched away from Kappa and a final dip on the line gave Gamma the edge, giving them a valuable 10 points. Less than 1 second separated 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Gamma were on a roll and took gold again in the year 8 and year 9 races coming in 3 seconds faster than the rest of the pack in both races. Could their late resurgence push them to the top? Kappa denied them the full set of relay golds and came in with the fastest relay time of the day with 1min 1sec shy of the current year 10 record of 55.39 secs.

sports day 2018 5

As the track quietened down, the javelin was still taking place with some unorthodox throws coming from the competitors. The competitors didn't know it but there was just 10 points between first and second place at this point; it was all going to come down to this event. Sigma athlete, A Nashington in year 7 threw an impressive 17.4m, whilst D Bell in year 9 threw the best of the day with 24.09m to take another gold for Sigma. G Duncan took the last gold for Lambda with the final throw of the day. Not to be outdone, P Mills got Kappa’s last gold in the year 8 javelin, would this be enough for them to keep their lead?

After falling in the out of the lead throughout the day Kappa had done it! Reigning champions Sigma had been pushed back to third and despite a strong result in the relay Gamma couldn’t cling onto to their lead, falling short by just 14 points, they did however win the Interform competition based on competitions held during the year. Is this the start of a new era, will Kappa or Gamma manage the double next year? Come back in 2019 to find out.

sports day 2018 7Congratulations to the Sports department for yet another fantastic sports day!

The final scores of the day were:

Kappa                  640

Gamma                626

Sigma                   591

Lambda                559



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