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Rivers Of The World

The Visual Arts Department

Rivers of world pt2 collage 1A group of Year 9 Students who were involved in the very successful Rivers of the World project last academic year have recently started working on an extension project for this academic year. Still working with the theme of Ophelia the students are now working on creating very large scale Fine Art, Photographic and Textiles based cloth banners which will hang in the new Visual Arts foyer area. The first phase of the project was to create large scale cyanotype photographic prints of full human bodies posed to look as though they are drifting in water like the famous painting of Ophelia by Millais (displayed at Tate Britain). The fabric was coated with cyanotype chemicals and then air dried; the material is then sensitive to UV rays. The material was laid out in the sun and the students postioned themselves on the material very quickly. The students had to stay in position for 30 minutes while the material was exposed to UV rays. After 30 minutes the material was washed in cold water to reveal the blue and white image. The next stage is for the students to make smaller prints of plants which will then be stitched into the main piece of fabric. Over time the students will create intricate, collaged images which express the sense of the painting Opehlia. Watch this space for updates on progress over the academic year. Well done to all the Year 9 students involved in the project!!

rivers of world pt2 collage 2


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