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Langley Park Primary Site Approved

LPP Plan 1Plans for Langley Park Primary school to be built on LPGS grounds were approved this week.

Bromley council approved plans for the new 420 pupil school on Thursday 12th October after receiving more than 70 letters of support from Beckenham residents.

The school which is being temporarily based in the Hawes Down Centre, West Wickham currently has 46 pupils and eight members of staff but hopes to reach full capacity with 30 full time members of staff by 2022.

Following the approval, acting Headteacher Hayley Starr said: “This is the news we’ve been waiting for.

“My colleagues can hardly wait to start work in the brand new building. We’ve had a fantastically successful year and a half term despite the temporary site, I want to thank the staff and parents for bearing with us.”

Anne Hudson, lead proposer and CEO of Langley Park Academies trust, said: “I am very grateful to the colleagues in the trust who have worked with us to manage the temporary LPPS site and the planning of the new building, especially Chief Financial officer Keiko Snape.

“We also really value the way in which our fellow Heads at Hawes Down and Clare House have supported LPPS staff over the past year. We look forward to continue to raising standards in all of our trust schools through deep collaboration across phases.”

The school’s new building hopes to open in September 2018.

LPP Plan 2

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