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German Exchange

Berlin 2017 4After hosting earlier this year, Y8 - Y12 German students got to reconnect with their exchange partners in Berlin!



We were all very excited on Wednesday morning to go to Berlin, yet also quite tired because we had to get up at around 4:00 in the morning! It was very cool to be with our friends at the airport and on the aeroplane and before we knew it we had already arrived at Berlin Schönefeld airport and were minutes away from meeting our partners again! We all felt quite nervous but as soon as we saw them the fun began! And of course the German!



It was great to spend a day with our exchanges as we got to know them and the group a lot better. It was a lovely day to be at Sounssocci palace as it was hot and the sun was always shining. We found out so much about Greek mythology from the quiz we worked together to complete and soon we had some free time to wander around Potsdam, sit together and have lunch. We then made our way to the Glienicker Brücke (the bridge of spies during the Cold War). After that we had a walk around the Wannsee (a lovely lake in Berlin) and sat in a park for a while before heading home with our exchanges.

Berlin 2017 2



Today was my favourite day because we had a tour around Berlin and found out so many interesting facts about the culture, history and famous landmarks in Berlin. We started at the Brandenburg gate and walked down 'Unter den Linden' and then to a near by shopping centre called the mall of Berlin where we got to do a bit of shopping. After that we were all really excited as we were able to go into the Reichstag and find out all about the history about the German parliament. However, the best part was being able to go up the dome and see Berlin from that high. It was amazing to see the city from so many different angles! Next we went to the 'Denkmal der ermorderten Juden' which was a memorial for the killed Jews during the Second World War. This really allowed us to think and be more aware and thoughtful about the history of Germany and how much it has changed today. I am so glad that had the chance to go there.



As it was the weekend we did not do things as a group and had the chance to experience the different life and what it is like to live in Berlin like our partners. We had a great day and we started of by going  to a beautiful lake where we went on little rowing boats. It was hilarious and rowing seems to be a lot harder than it seems! Every two seconds we crashed into something! After this we went to a shopping centre with our partners and had a walk around and bought a few things. After this we met at the Spree (the main river in Berlin) with everyone else as a group and played basketball and football.



Today was an amazing day and in the morning we went to a lake which was like a beach. We had so much fun in the lake and got a paddle board as well. Some of our exchanges went on it in their clothes thinking that they wouldn't get wet. However they both fell in! After that we all met up again at a massive park with everyone on the exchange where we had a great BBQ and played lots of funny games. The sun set was amazing and everyone was so happy.


Berlin 2017 1Monday

Today everyone was very excited and curios because we were going to do a graffiti workshop. First we went for an interesting tour and saw so much of the graffiti and street art in Berlin that we had never really looked out for or taken any notice of before. It was great to be aware and informed about this other amazing and popular culture that takes place in Berlin. After that we got to create our own piece of art using stencils and spray paints. It was so exciting to see what we could do and everyone's different takes and designs. After this we went to Hackescher Markt and had some time to walk around this very cute courtyard of shops. There are many ice cream shops in Berlin which sell the best ice cream and and we also spent a lot of time in the tourist shop and bought gifts for family and friends.




Today was the last day of activities so everyone was quite sad but still very excited. First we went to the Jewish museum which was very interesting and important to be aware of the history and Jewish culture in Germany today. After this we went to the Turkish market which again was very cultural and crazy! We got to try Turkish food and learn about their culture as it is very big and important in Germany. We had a great time and sat by the canal for a while in the sunshine. The weather was great and it was an amazing way to end our last day out, we were all so happy!



Today was the hardest day as we all had to say goodbye to our partners and friends. We got to the airport at around 8:00 and said our last goodbyes. I made so many great friends that I hope to keep in touch with. Before we knew it we were back on the plane on the way home. Everyone was sad but we still managed to have a great time singing on the plane! The German exchange was a great experience that I will never forget and had really improved my German and definitely my confidence. Every day was unique and exciting and that was all down to the hard work that our teachers put in to take us here. We are all so grateful and I am so glad that we got the chance to experience something like this.

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