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Onatti Theatre Production

This month we were lucky enough to have foreign language theatre companies come into school and perform for us. The plays were entirely in French, German or Spanish and included GCSE vocabulary to help us with our language studies.

We really enjoyed the French Onatti theatre production because it was interactive with the audience and had a comedy aspect. It was easy to understand as they spoke clearly with simple language. They also acted out what they were saying to help the audience understand and to prevent confusion. It was also different which made the play more interesting and engaged the audience more. The play enabled us to understand what real-life general conversation in French is like, which will help with our speaking exam. Overall we would highly recommend this production for those learning French. ANYA, ELLA, HRISTINA, JESSICA, KATIE

The German play put on by the Onatti theatre company was about two friends going camping and their experiences throughout the trip. The actors used simple and suitable language adapted to our level in order to enable the audience to follow the story easily and learn new vocabulary. The story involved humour and interaction with the audience which made the play really enjoyable to watch. The play helped us to develop our language further and improve our speaking and listening skills which will help us in the future for exams. ABI HEAP

The Spanish Onatti theatre play was very entertaining and enjoyable. The storyline was very humorous and the audience were able to understand due to the simple language used, it was very interactive and the audience were able to get involved a number of times (I would know as I got chosen to help on stage!). It was a very good play and helped with my learning of Spanish language. OLIVIA CHEST


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