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Faraday Challenge

Faraday challenge 17 2“On Thursday 11 May 6 teams and 3 schools (LPGS, LPBS and Coopers) all competed against each other in the Faraday Challenge. This year's challenge was sponsored by Land Rover BAR. We had 2 microbits, 2 computers and 80 Faraday (which is money which could help us get components to make our prototypes). The whole day involved us programming and making our presentation for the end of the day. One of our prototypes was a watch which tells you when to drink water. We did this because when people are busy racing they might forget to drink, so when it starts buzzing it tells you when to drink some water. If we had longer we would have liked to have coded it to also say when to eat, exercise and sleep. Our other prototype was a watch that could connect to the grinder. This one told you how many times the grinders have gone round and when you have reached your goal it starts buzzing. If we had more time we would have liked to make it tell you the wind temperature or the weather. We had different jobs in our groups, I was the accountant, I had to make sure that our money was being used in the right way and if there were any cheaper materials to choose. In the end I think we spent all of our money wisely as we used everything that we brought. Overall I think everyone that came enjoyed it and would to have loved to have made it into the finals.”

Eloise Mason 8GB


“For the Faraday Challenge, we had to make a piece of code for a microbit that would be useful for the Landrover BAR team when sailing. We had to combine the aspects of Human Performance, Boat Performance and the Environment to create our prototype. My team made a product that would measure the angle and direction of the boat and notify the sailors if it was at risk of capsizing. We also made a product that would help the sailors maintain fitness outside of the boat, with a countdown clock for different exercises. We really enjoyed the day and would definitely do it again in the future as it taught us a lot more about the world of engineering and its uses in everyday life.”

Connie Urbany Welch 8SH


Both groups scored maximum marks for teamwork (which apparently was unheard of)

Eleanor McDermott – STEM Coordinator


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